Fashion Flashback: Diane Kruger

This Dior Couture dress that Diane Kruger wore to the Venice Film Festival in 2008 instantly became a favorite.  I love the contrast of the ladylike silhouette with the sexy sheer quality.  She wore the original runway gown and has been quoted saying she could hardly breathe, let alone eat.  Beauty is pain, right?

(images: fashionising)

15 comments on “Fashion Flashback: Diane Kruger

  1. ClaraAnne

    I remember being blown away when I originally saw this! I love the seam running down the arms and the modern take on embroidery. The bows on the shoes just complete the picture perfectly.

  2. Teresa

    Diane could hardly breathe, let alone eat?

    Well, welcome to the club, as many must have felt the same, of envy, after seeing her wearing magnificiently that piece of heaven ahahahahah

    Diane always add an extra chicness to what she wears.

    Happy New Year, Katie! (and Fans)

  3. Katie

    So beautiful! The whole look (hair, makeup) is gorgeous.

    By the way, I’m so so excited for Matchbook’s launch. When exactly is the launch?

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