My Lucky Charm

When my friend Cassandra posted this dainty gold Matchstick Necklace on my Facebook page last night I just about died—it must be fate!  I’m ordering one straight away and wearing it every day until Matchbook’s January 25th launch.  It’s going to be my lucky charm.  Do you approve?  Confession: I’m so excited I fear I may not sleep until January 26th!

20 comments on “My Lucky Charm

  1. Cate

    Yes – it’s your talisman !
    You will still be doing your NeoTrad blogs though correct?
    I’m hooked and amazed at how they consistently put me in a good mood.
    Looking forward to see what you’ve created on the 25th !

    ps: I think a series of gorgeous coffee table books by you is also in your future (hint-hint)

  2. Katie Armour Post author

    Cate — I will still be blogging here, don’t you worry! I’m glad you find my silly little posts so enjoyable : )

    Frances — You should get one too ; ) xo

  3. Karla

    How perfect! I am happy to hear that you’ll still keep blogging. It’s a daily source of inspiration for me. Can’t wait for the launch!

  4. EMILY

    This is really quite fitting! Do you have a charm bracelet? the possibilities become endless. My parents gifted me with a little gold trolly car charm for my bracelet and the driver moves when you swivel the wheels!

    You guys could even engrave the matchstike!

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