6 comments on “Girl Crush: Emma Watson

  1. nanne

    emma watson IS a doll…she seems to have handled fame with grace and style. so many young actresses who enter the field at a young age seem to either fall victim to the darker part of fame–incessant partying, substance abuse, inappropriate relationships, etc or the need to appear more mature by playboy shoots, titallating film roles and statements downgrading their roles in the films/tv shows that brought them to prominence.

    emma watson has risen to fame in the most gracious manner of any young actress i can remember. love that you featured her.

    nanne (who, in reading back this comment, sounds like a grumpy, old lady…i’m not!!)

  2. Megan

    She is fabulous! It is nice to see a young woman dressing so classy. I think she is going to be quite the style icon!!

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