My very favorite pattern…

Call me a granny (chic!), but this yellow rose pattern from retired Kate Spade stationery may just be my all-time favorite pattern.  I can’t bear to use my last few notecards and have been saving them now for years.  It’s now my Twitter background, isn’t it lovely?

18 comments on “My very favorite pattern…

  1. Katie Armour Post author

    Haydee — Good call on framing it! I have one on my inspiration board now ; )

    Lindsay — I would die if it were in there home line! I know one of the lovely ladies on the Kate Spade creative team has this exact pattern in her powder room. It’s so chic!

  2. Susan

    Crazy! I’ve been holding onto this stationary for so long! My grandmother had the same pattern on hers, and when I found it years ago at Kate Spade I could not believe it! Kindred spirits indeed. ;)

  3. Calder Clark

    I feel like it should be called “the yellow rose of Texas” or something! Totally love it. Almost need it in chintz for some vintage settee- just as a throwback. Cute find, Mrs. Armour.

  4. Charlotte

    A bit late on commenting but wanted to still share! I still have the tear out page from the first magazine add for Kate Spade’s first perfume. I immediately fell in love with the look and the perfume -worn it for years. I also have worn a pixie but used a later pixie of Kate’s for inspiration – enjoy!

  5. Susan

    Hello fellow yellow-rose fan (flower of friendship of course!)

    Screeched to a halt on page 28 of the just released issue of Lonny mag and thought of you – deeeeeeeelishus yellow rose bedsheets from Kate Spade.

    Sweet dreams!


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