Pixie Cut Inspiration

This afternoon I am going to get my pixie cut trimmed and I thought it might be fun to share images of all the ladies whose tresses (or lack thereof!) inspire me.  Carey Mulligan, how I adore thee…

French darling Audrey Tautou.

The stunning Michelle Williams at her Blue Valentine premier.

A young Kate Moss.

Jean Seberg was too cool for school.

Emma Watson for Marie Claire

The ever beautiful Natalie Portman.

Mesmerizing Mia Farrow.

Halle Berry looking terribly chic.

Winona Ryder looking super sleek.

And last but certainly not least, Audrey Hepburn.

And now the million dollar question — which is your very favorite?

44 comments on “Pixie Cut Inspiration

  1. Debby

    Oh, I never saw Kate Moss with a pixie! Stunning! I’m surprised she still doesn’t wear it short, it sets her apart from everyone else, and highlights her gorgeous face. xo

  2. April

    It’s close for me, but it has to be Audrey. I was inspired by Winona in the nineties to cut my hair (Reality Bites, anyone?), but my husband insisted we name our daughter after the impossibly lovely Ms. Audrey Hepburn. (I knew he was a keeper!)

  3. hip hip gin gin

    These ladies are all so gorgeous! I think Audrey Tautou and Carey Mulligan are my favorite cuts, although all of these images really make me wish that I could pull off a pixie. They are so cute, and I imagine involve a lot less time with the blow dryer at 6 am =)

  4. Kate

    I think I’m a bit late as you’ve already gotten your hair cut, but I think my favorite pixie is Michelle Williams. I just love it.


  5. Lauren

    I’m a wee bit obsessed with Carey and Emma at the moment so most definitely those two. I do love Natalie Portman so so so much though, but not with the pixie cut. Have fun getting a trim and thanks for reminding me that I need to get my hair done too!


  6. Samantha Brooke

    I only wish I could pull one of these haircuts off! I particularly enjoy Natalie Portman’s haircut but really anything she does is nothing less than perfection.

  7. erin

    They are all so lovely! Jean Seburg is definitely my favorite. Carey and Michelle wear it wonderfully today – I whole-heartedly agree with Alessandra’s comment. But, the way it looks on Audrey Tautou works SO well on you, Katie!

  8. Amanda

    Why, Audrey Hepburn of course!! She will forever be the love of my life. :) Although, all of those women are beautiful and Emma Watson is especially to-die-for.

  9. Angela

    Love them all! I recently cut my hair & actually looked at some of these photos for inspiration. I guess ended up with a style similar to the photo of Kate Moss but I was going for the Michelle Williams photo but with the length closer to Carey Mulligan.

  10. Katie Armour Post author

    Loving all this feedback!!!

    Kate — I may be requesting the Audrey as well, hair is really thick and a bit wavy so it’s closest to Tautou I think ; )

    Jeanne — Will try to put a photo up, but I feel silly in font camera sometimes. You’ll see it soon enough : )

  11. Sarah

    Love Natalie’s short do! And if you’re still looking for tips for great photos I always feel the best come from when the subject is below the camera. For example if you’re sitting on the ground the photographer would be up on a chair or something getting this wonderful downward angle of you. Looks good every time! :) You’ll do great!

  12. Kendra Grinnage

    So thrilled about this! You and some of these ladies actually inspired me to go pixie again this fall. I actually took that Marie Claire with Emma Watson and a picture of Halle Berry with me and said to my hairdresser, “cut it all off!” I have been loving every moment with my new cropped locks!

  13. Karen

    They are all wonderful! A young Twiggy could fit right in! I wish I were brave enough for a pixie cut. I’m too afraid that it will either add years to my age or I will look like a chubby twelve year old boy! Maybe someday.

  14. sk

    I am so tempted to try a pixie cut! I keep wondering if it’ll look good with my face shape, hair type, etc. but sometimes I think I should just stop thinking, take a picture I like, and try it!

    Thanks for the inspiration :) I really love the first one of Carey Mulligan!

  15. Kimberly Lewis

    I love Michelle Williams do! I had a short blunt bob in college a la Louise Brooks and was always tempted to cut it into a pixie but too scared in the end! Have you always had short hair?

  16. Katie Armour Post author

    Kimberly — I have had both long and short hair, but I chopped it from below my shoulders to a pixie cut six weeks before my wedding and haven’t looked back since. Best and EASIEST haircut I’ve ever had. Literally haven’t blow dried it since I cut it this summer (except when I’m at a salon, that is…)! xoxo

  17. Bea Aubergine

    I love pixie cute, so chic. I would love to get my hair cut like this, if only my mom would let me, and I would be brave, and bold to get it cut. These pictures are stunning. Love it.

  18. Roxy

    Michelle and Audrey, of course! You must share yours! Unfortunately, I think I would look like my brother if I tried..you have to have a really pretty face ;)

  19. nicci

    michelle and audrey are my favorites. they wear their pixie cuts most gracefully. audrey’s ‘do will always be the classic pixie cut that paved the way for the rest, though. i have a curly, mid-length bob that i love, but i’m still really considering a pixie like michelle’s for the ever-approaching warmer weather…

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