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  1. Alessandra (everydayrainbow.it)

    I often go to Paris (my sister lives there) and I have always had a strange hate-love approach to this city. But since when I went with my boyfriend a couple of years ago, I started to appreciate the French capital city. It’s like I saw it as a “even-too-perfect-too-romantic-city” and didn’t focus on its “ugly” aspects.
    I don’t know what I’m saying makes any sense, but recentely I began to think that ugly aspects make pretty things prettier. So it’s the same for Paris and its worst suburbs and quarters!

  2. Katie Armour Post author

    Alessandra — Take me with you! I haven’t been in a few years now and I promise to make you see it like a kid in a candy shop. I’m glad you’re warming too it ; ) xxoxo

  3. Ashley

    I love the little sellers along the seine too! I bought some really cute old postcards and had them framed however this reminds me I haven’t seen them since our move!

  4. Brandi

    I’d absolutely love to step back in time to this old Paris. But I haven’t been even in this time yet. I think I need to start planning.

  5. ceo

    Thanks for taking me to Paris today Katie ( if only it came with coffee and a croissant).. I have been dreaming of doing a house swap in Paris for a month… I hope we can do it sooner than later…


  6. Lindsey

    So interesting to see the city in that way. As I look out my window as I type this, my view of Paris is drastically different. I’d love to transport myself back in time!

  7. Ally

    These melt me. I’ve been three times and one time I stayed for 6 weeks. I can actually see the apartment building I rented a place in! It’s in the 2nd postcard~ the first building on the left of the street. That building to the right is the Louvre… the location couldn’t have been better, right by the Tuileries. Heaven. Thank you for making me smile this morning!

  8. Corinna

    when I was there this summer I stayed in a hotel with views of Notre Dame… I think the third photo was taken from the front door of our accommodations!

  9. Teresa

    “We’ll always have Paris”. right?
    The simple look to postcards can take us there and feel a little better, isn’t it?
    I have an old postcards set that was sent by a friend and live in agony wondering what to do with it… will you share your framing so I can have inspiration?


  10. Kelly

    I’m slightly embarrassed to admit that I recently found your blog. Fantastic! I thought you might want to know, though, that when I saw your profile photo my immediate thought was, “she reminds me of Carey Mulligan”. After reading some of your posts, I noticed you mention her quite often!

    Good luck with Matchbook’s launch! How exciting! I CAN’T wait to read it!


  11. Cate

    I leave for Paris on the 24th.
    This SO puts me in the mood !!!
    come to think of it, I think I’m always in the mood for Paris
    I think you say it best : le sigh

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