Calendar Cuteness

LOVE this calendar designed by Dapper Paper for Shop Furbish…dapper indeed!  The patterns are all so bright and fun—opening a new page each moth would be such a treat!  Did you noticed the cute quotes at the bottom?  The best!

P.S. What month is your birthday?  I’m a March girl myself…

15 comments on “Calendar Cuteness

  1. Cate

    January girl !
    Coming up on the 16th actually.
    Katie, for my birthday I’m going to go for the platinum do like the girl on the Blueprint cover of the holiday issue.
    I’m feeling very retro this year…

  2. Kendall

    I’m an October gal :)

    Love these calendars, super cute. I’ve been shopping Etsy trying to find the perfect calendar…and i just can’t make up my mind! But I better decided soon, it’s already the 7th. yikes, a whole week into the new year already!


  3. TG

    I’m a December Girl!!
    One day before Christmas Eve!!
    My birthday and my brother’s birthday is the same day 23rd of December, but we are not twins, its so fun!!

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