A heartfelt thank you…

Good morning loves!  I just wanted to write a special thank you to everyone who showed up at Aventine last night.  We had the entire downstairs packed — I couldn’t believe my eyes!  I met so many charming readers and was tickled pink by the entire experience.  Among you there are lawyers, law students, PR girls, stay-at-home moms, businesswomen and of course, my dear fellow bloggers.  You are beautiful, sophisticated and kind — I was so impressed.  My only wish is that I had more time to chat with everyone!  We’ll just have to do it again sometime : )  Thank you for attending and for being your charming selves.  I am truly flattered to call you my readers and friends!

xx Katie

14 comments on “A heartfelt thank you…

  1. Luli

    This is such a sweet post. I wish I lived in NYC so I could have attended. I just discovered your blog and heard about Matchbook Magazine and listened to the podcast. I am in love with the three of you girls!!

  2. Amber

    it was SO nice to meet you! You are a such a sweet real and beautiful blogger. I hope our paths cross again in the future! last night was very fun!

  3. Jeanne

    You are the sweetest Katie (and looked incredibly adorable last night!) So glad I got to see you and catch up! Talk soon. xox.

  4. Corinna

    Oh my Katie, last night was unforgettable! You are even more beautiful in person than in your lovely blog photos, and I love how at ease you are making small talk with near-strangers, and how gifted you are at creating a connection with others. I truly felt you appreciated that we came! (And that this wasn’t just an awkward obligation). It was a sincere pleasure to meet you, and I hope we can see you sometime soon again! xo, Corinna

  5. Katie Armour Post author

    Holy smokes. Just got around to reading all these sweet comments. To those that asked about the hair, you will see it soon, promise. It’s nothing earth shattering—I hope you approve!

    JoAnn — I hope you’re feeling better! Migraines are the worse, I understand, trust me! You have such great style. I hope we’ll see each other again soon!

    Luli — Yay! So glad you enjoyed the podcast. Can’t wait to share the premier issue with you on the 25th! xo

    Amber — I have a serious crush on you and your entire DARLING family. Let’s get together again soon! Move here! xx

    Jeanne — It had been too long! Next time let’s not go three years before we see each other okay? Thank George for putting up with all the girl talk : ) xx

    Corinna — You made me tear up, the admiration is so very mutual. Let’s get lunch after the Matchbook launch (hoping my life somewhat returns to sanity once we get issue one out the door…yikes!). It was so lovely to meet you and John! He is a trooper! xoxoxo

  6. Alicia

    so glad i got to meet you katie!! still dreaming about those adorable bow drop earrings … i must track something similar down on etsy (thanks for the tip!) ;)

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