21 comments on “Springtime with Ann Taylor

  1. chelsea

    Looooove that look! Tweed + polka dots makes me a happy girl.

    But, Ann Taylor, I don’t care how chic you make them look, STOP TRYING TO MAKE JORTS HAPPEN.

    (That goes for you, too, Loft).

  2. Noe

    I’ve gotta say, Ann Taylor has had some great pieces these last few seasons. Super swoony…

    -xoxo Noe

  3. Lena

    Seriously, Ann Taylor just keeps getting better and better. One more reason to get excited about a spring thaw, as if the promise of more sun weren’t enough!

  4. Dalia

    I was in Ann Taylor the day after christmas the entire store was 40% off and PACKED! Got some great stuff .. now if only I could be in that beautiful setting : D

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