Kate Spade Spring Portfolio Prints

Kate Spade recently added this charming set of three artists’ prints to their online shop.  The January illustration (the room) is by Caitlin McGauley, the February (the heart) by Jenny Bowers and the March (the yellow rose!) by Pie Bird Press.  I’m so in love—can’t wait to see what they come up with for April, May and June!

13 comments on “Kate Spade Spring Portfolio Prints

  1. EMILY

    I LOVE Pie Bird Press. I held onto this card (purchased at the Conran Shop in NYC) forever and eventually deemed an occasion worthy of it’s use! So sweet.

  2. Haydee

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I just placed my order:) They’re going to look so good on the frame wall I’m currently putting together with family photos, kids artwork and now Kate Spade artist portfolio prints. So excited!

  3. Nooks & Cranberries

    So pretty. The yellow rose print would be lovely in a white office accented with a few pops of yellow–maybe some No. 2 pencils on the desk, a vase of fresh daffodils, and the like. Hmmm… That has me thinking of spring…

  4. Lori


    Just letting you know that I spent the entire day reading through your blog– I went through 90 pages yesterday and continued this morning. Even linked you up on my blog :)

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