Liberty Meets J.Crew

These charming swim suits by J.Crew are thanks to the legendary floral prints of Liberty London.  It was named the “Liberty Dandie Ruffle” thanks to the print’s sweet little dandelions and ruffle detail.  I may need both the one-piece and bikini this spring—it can’t come soon enough!

13 comments on “Liberty Meets J.Crew

  1. marni

    i love j.crew swimsuits! they are all i buy anymore… the best fit and the colors and shape stay fresh for much longer than any swimsuit i’ve ever owned. this pattern is adorably sweet!

  2. Modeana

    Yippee….I can’t wait Kate! I have two J-Crew two-piece suits (about 10-years-old now) that are my absolute favorites……needless to say they’ve seen their day! This two piece looks like it is cut the SAME WAY with the addition of that addorable ruffle. They are the best for sunning and fit better than any others I’ve ever had!

  3. Angela

    Goodness its hard to think about swimsuit season when we’re all bundled up, isn’t it?? Can’t wait for sunshine… and the thrill of finding a new suit. :)

  4. andrea

    the print and style are adorably pretty!

    i happened to come across your b&w engagement photos through pinterest and i fell in love! i recently got engaged so i was thinking how awesome it would be to have my own photos in that same style by that photographer. so i clicked and saw that he’s in san francisco which is such a weird/cool coincidence because my fiancé and i are moving out there soon!!

    and i love your blog; i’m looking forward to browsing through your archives :)

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