Wishin’ I Were French.

How darling is this Frenchwoman snapped by photographer Vanessa Jackman?  Apparently she was just riding past the Tuileries and was taken aback that people wanted to photograph her.  I bet she looks this fabulous every day peddling about on her chic black bicycle…le sigh.

16 comments on “Wishin’ I Were French.

  1. Anna

    The next best thing? Learning a bit of French.
    The Mr. and I have been flirting with the idea. Now, where to find the time…..

  2. Making Magique

    Hehe…I need to try this strategy sometime. Perfect outfit and perfect setting, just cruise through the Tuileries and see if I get snapped? Bon ben…je suis pas Francaise so maybe I have no chance afterall! I am sure you would be spotted as snapped there Miss Matchbook!

    I used to wish I was French, then after about six months living in France I realize not being French means I am genetically inclined to be happier than the average fille. Plus I meet so many cool people just because they want to practice their English or talk about how much they loved New York City when they went there in 1998…but that can get a bit annoying after a while. Breve…the only reason I am sad I am not French is for the Carte de Séjour and that I will never be as perfectly yet effortlessly polished looking as this or most any other french woman!

    I am happy you are not french Katie! I like you just the way you are…

    XOXO H

  3. nanne

    wow! tre wow! i wish i could look that chic tooling around in my not-so-chic-mom-suburban…can’t imagine wearing those fab heels and that jacket & hat pedaling a bike. that french ensemble would be totally drenched in my american sweat (i’m sure there is a much prettier french term for sweat).

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