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Apparently I’ve been living under a rock because I didn’t discover until just last week that the entire Coach Originals (scroll to the very bottom to find them!) collection is available online.  Jane Lilly Warren showed me when she was in California working on Matchbook and I just about died.  These are the types of bags you would have spotted Annie Hall toting about Manhattan — forever classics you can hand down to your daughter someday.  I’m having so much trouble deciding which to invest in.  Do you have a favorite?

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  1. HannahB.

    My family has a *huge* tradition of Coach bags that started with my grandmother! I’m a fan of the classics like these, and I’ve recently found that you can find some great deals on older ones on Etsy. I plan on getting something to work as a briefcase-y thing for work outings in the near future!

  2. Erica Sara

    My favorite has always been the Willis Bag (top picture in your post). I used to love trying it on in the design closet when I merchandised their handbags. Such a great design & so retro chic!

  3. Katie Armour Post author

    Hannah B — I need to start a similar tradition in my family!! xoxo

    Erica Sara — It may just be my favorite too. So hard to decide! Decisions, decisions…

  4. elizabeth

    admittedly, i have been disappointed with the way the coach brand has gone in the past several years (so youthful, trendy, lacking sophistication), but THESE! this whole collection is perfection.

    i adore the station bag. perfect shape + it’s so wonderfully androgynous (just like annie hall, in fact!).

  5. Molly

    I have the bottom kind in like a carmel brown — it’s my favorite bag to use when traveling or running errands when my hands will be full. It also has a lot of great pockets and compartments! It’s a great classic piece.

  6. Katie Armour Post author

    Elizabeth — I’m glad you enjoy these! I think it happens with every company/collection where you have to edit out your very favorites. I’m so happy you agree these are gorgeous!!!

    Molly — So jealous! I have a feeling it receives lots of compliments…

  7. Madeline

    I’ve worked at Coach for about 5 years now and as much as I love (sometimes dislike) our current collections or limited editions, I usually end up buying a classic. Anytime I wear one… I get a compliment on it.

  8. Kirby

    i do have a soft spot in my heart for coach. they are so classic! you really can’t go wrong when picking out any of their pieces. good luck picking just one!


  9. Katie Armour Post author

    Kelly — Stewardess is such a cool name for it too : )

    Madeline — How lucky are you to work for such a fantastic company. Glad you love the originals as well, they’re such classics.

    Stephanie — Do it! xo

    Kirby — I’m going to need it! I’ll probably end up ordering three, haha : )

  10. Sara J

    My mom has an original Coach and I always remember her using it when I was younger. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that she passes it on to me someday. Definitely classics!

  11. Lena

    I adore the classics-my mom always carried the Legacy zip, but I just love the shape of the Court bag! Can’t wait to see which ones you’ll pick!

  12. Cynthia

    Oh Willis:) He was my beloved handbag companion for all of my 20’s. He now sits nicely wrapped in my closet:) Maybe I should bring him out again:)

  13. Heather

    I have an original version of the purse in the 2nd picture. I love it because all it needs is some leather cleaner every once in a while and then it’s ready to go again. People usually ask me what kind of purse it is when I carry it around. It’s also my favorite purse to travel with since I can fit my notebook and camera in it with no trouble.

  14. PJ

    My grandmother has two City Bags – one black, one British tan – that she said I can have the next time I visit. (Bribery, anyone?) I really can’t stand the modern Coach logo bags, but you can’t beat the classic leather ones.

  15. Elizabeth

    Oh my, I can just smell those bags. Lovely. My first purse was a coach and I still have it though it’s sadly too small for my needs these days.

    What a fun post! You were clearly not the only one in the dark about the Coach Originals -thanks for sharing.

  16. joAnn @ i'd rather be shopping

    this past year, i dug up my old tiny crossbody coach bag that someone had given to me when i was a pre-teen. at the time, it wasn’t “cool” enough for me..but NOW, all these years later, it is the perfect easy crossbody for running errands around town! let us know which you end up buying (if not all three!)


  17. Lindsey

    love all these simple understated classics. I’ve been able to get two original city bags at my local thrift store both for under $10 & in great condition. It’s so funny because they keep all the new “C” crazy styles locked up front and they’re super pricey, but these leather originals are so understated most people pass them right without ever knowing they are Coach. If you spot nice leather open it up and look inside!

  18. Sarah

    Oh wow, I’m so glad you posted about this. I’m just sick that my mom sold sooo many of her original coach bags on Ebay a few years ago. I even helped, never blinking or thinking that I’d want one later.

  19. Aubergine

    Katie, I have to say, I love these bags. Dooney Bourke has a classic collection similar to these. I dislike Coach for a long time now, I think they use their logos way too much on their products, and I hate that, but I absolutely love these. Thank you so much for posting these. They are great, and I love it. Thanks.

  20. Jeanne McKay Hartmann

    I have the Willis bag, too. It was one of my first “big girl” bags when I started my career. I still have it packed away somewhere, and hope that if I have a daughter someday, she might love it, too.

  21. Lee

    I just purchased a vintage Coach Original at the Brooklyn Flea Market this weekend! It’s currently my 3rd vintage Coach Original. Thank you for sharing the exciting news that they are finally in reproduction…maybe I’ll finally purchase a new one!

  22. Ashley

    Pretty much any piece of vintage Coach a la Bonnie Cashin is my favorite, so much better than the canvas print with logos. These styles are timeless and elegant–thanks for sharing, Katie!

  23. Whitney

    The first one is my favorite. So adorable! You should buy it and do a giveaway for it… just kidding. Keep it for yourself of course :)

  24. Cary Randolph

    Gorgeous. Your best post all week. Reminds me of the Coach bags my mother used to carry in her wild yuppie youth. That satchel at the top is also getting bumped to the top of my wish list. Thank you!

  25. Min

    I just got my Willis bag from the store in Madison Avenue – that’s the Coach flagship store – wanted to get Rambler’s Legacy at first but they don’t stock Coach Originals at all! In fact they only had one piece of Willis in British Tan available so I bought it! Now it’s my fav bag ever! <3

  26. Merissa

    I actually bought a vintage version of the first bag you posted on ebay for $30 a couple of weeks ago! I love it! It’s the perfect size and it looks great with everything. Plus it has a gorgeous patina from its use over the years.

  27. Jill

    Whoa, thanks to HannahB for the Etsy tip! After reading that just now, I bought a vintage black City bag on there for only $33 and can’t wait til it arrives. By the way, I picked up a very neo-trad City bag for my mother at a Coach outlet a couple months ago — classic City design, but in a sort of sandy-sunset bright-ish orange pebbled leather.

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