Are you a Matchbook girl?

This weekend we gussied up our Matchbook magazine website in preparation for tomorrow’s big launch.  We are so excited to reveal that illustrator Katie Evans is part of our team (isn’t her girl above darling?!).  What do you think?  Are you a Matchbook Girl? xoxoxo

35 comments on “Are you a Matchbook girl?

  1. Meg

    Love it, but I have to say: red velvet is just a sad shadow of chocolate cake. Otherwise, I am behind this 100%! ;-)

  2. EMILY

    Oh my- this is so very exciting for you!
    Funny enough, I painted my toes clambake coral this Saturday in a quest to beat the blues! I love your list and if I may, I think I probably can tick off most of those sentiments and attributes! Well done, friend. Well, done! xo

  3. Sarah

    You know you’re a Matchbook Girl when…you nodded yes to every description on there! I’m a Matchbook Girl through and through. YAY for the big day tomorrow! I can’t wait!

  4. kristin

    I’m so happy to hear that Katie is part of the team – I love her work! And her Matchbook Girl depiction is right on. Eeek, I can’t wait for tomorrow!

    xx kristin

  5. Elizabeth

    ABSOLUTELY!! I actually frosted two red velvet cakes yesterday morning for my aunt’s birthday and it was really killing me only eating one piece!

    I wrote my grandmother a thank you note after christmas and she called me up saying what good manners I have! I said they came from you grandma!

  6. mae

    i am totally a matchbook girl!
    katie evans is a fabulous addition to the team…. so looking forward to the fabulous-ness tomorrow yay!

  7. Eduarda Rezende

    No doubt about it! I can’t wait to see the magazine- I’m sure it’s going to be a favourite!!! xx

  8. Kali

    EVERYONE wants to be a Matchbook girl! Congrats Katie, this is going to be big– You are doing wonderful things!! xoxo

  9. Tessa

    Not gonna lie and to sound all conceded and everything but…That description is me. hahaha I am so excited for the launch tomorrow!

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