Matchbook is here!

A smattering of my favorite pages from Matchbook’s premier issue which is officially LIVE.  It’s been a labor of love and I am SO very thankful for your support.  We really sought to create something different from exiting online magazines and I hope you see our Matchbook personality shine through the virtual pages.  Happy reading!

91 comments on “Matchbook is here!

  1. Supreet

    This is such a great magazine!! I love it and read it cover to cover! Thanks for all the great information and such entertaining articles and sections. Can’t wait til the next one!!

  2. kelly ann

    you should be VERY proud of yourself, katie… as a loyal reader of your blog, i know i’m SO proud of you! :) thanks for being a shining example that is truly IS possible to grab a hold of our dreams and make them a reality. i feel inspired tonight. <3

  3. Nicki

    Katie I could almost tear up – I’m so proud of you! I have been reading this blog for so long and am amazed (but not, of course, surprised) to watch your dream come to fruition!

  4. Joanna

    OMG. You had me at “indulge your inner Jane Austen”!!! These images look fantastic. I love the “what’s in your bag?” feature, too. And I heart Rita Konig. You all should be so proud of yourselves! Congrats on finally birthing your little Matchbook baby!

  5. Katie Armour Post author

    I am so very touched by all this positive feedback! Yesterday was a long, crazy day and we felt just AWFUL about not launching in the afternoon as planned. Thank you for your patience and kindness! Issue two will be out in four short weeks! xoxoxo Katie

  6. joAnn @ i'd rather be shopping

    CONGRATS, katie! you should be SO PROUD of matchbook magazine — it is so beautiful and insightful! i had no idea about the launch time, so it was really actually fun to have the anticipation build :) i was happy to wait – it was worth waiting for!!! quality takes time! i hope you’re having a fabulous celebration tonight!! can’t believe that issue 2 is coming out so soon…what a treat!


  7. A

    Love it!! Just lovely…
    I’ve been meaning to try some of Jemma Kidd’s products…which color do you use (Iced Gold or Rose Gold)?

  8. Lundy Leigh

    This was an exciting thing to wake up to! (reading from the UK) Congratulations you must be so happy and you should be because it’s really great! x

  9. Christina

    Complimentissimi!! Its soo to my taste, congrats to you, Jane, Fallon and all the team! Love from far away Switzerland.

  10. Katrina

    Oh it’s lovely – congratulations! Thank you for all those long hours you put into the wonderful magazine!

    Have eagerly read it from cover to cover, and I just adored all the lovely features. I especially loved the Mr. Boddington feature, 10 things about Princess Margaret, 50 classics for your closet, Rita Konig’s feature, 10 secrets to a charmed life, and An American in Paris …

    Well done! I hope you feel brimming with happiness today, you deserve it :)

  11. nanne

    just finished browsing the first issue of matchbook….it is gorgeous, even better than i had imagined and not like any other emag i’ve seen! can’t wait to sit down and read it cover to cover!!

    congratuations! now go spend the day in bed, i sure none of you has had much sleep lately.


    p.s. i’m very impressed with the high end advertiser in matachbook.

  12. Blue Hydrangea

    Katie, Congratulations!! Matchbook is fabulous!! I just went and flipped through all the pretty pictures, now I can’t wait to go back and read everything!! What a treat!!
    xo Sissy

  13. Debby

    OMG! Katie!!! I knew whatever you had a hand in would be a hit! This is by far going to be my very favorite online magazine. Most certainly is going to be a huge hit!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! xo

  14. Francisca

    Thank you so much for the beautiful work you’ve done! This is the type of magazine that was missing in my life, something that shared the love for the classics, with me (that was the main reason I felt in love with your blog, in the first place).

    Once again, thank you! It’s lovely. :)

  15. Amy Wetsel

    This turned out fabulous! SUCH a great read and this is truly inspiring! I love the personal touches and can’t wait for the next one! My favorite: how everything is so classic and made to treat today. Thanks for sharing!


  16. Kristina

    What a lovely publication! Can’t wait to read it all the way through! Congratulations on all your hard work paying off!

  17. Kendra Grinnage

    New matchbook mag made my day! I passed it on to a few friends who I know would love it as much as I did. Fabulous job!

  18. Dallas

    Oh Katie! It’s GORGEOUS. Please let us know if there’s an opportunity to apply to contribute!!

  19. kelly

    Congrats!! Just finished my first browse and I know I’ll be back again and again for more in-depth reads. I’m so impressed by the content and features and everything! You all did a wonderful job…hope you’re kicking back and celebrating!

    xo Kelly

    p.s. Um, the next issue is in only 4 short weeks?! You’re spoiling us :)

  20. JenLynn

    I will admit that I was a bit skeptical of yet another online magazine created by bloggers but I have to admit when I’m wrong and say that yours is one of my favorites because it feels like you are conversing amongst friends along with being well-rounded and encompassing of many fields. Great job and good luck with future issues.

  21. Danielle Geanacopoulos

    Katie, Jane, and Fallon- What could be better than a Wednesday morning at the office with coffee and Matchbook? Congratulations on a job well done, ladies!

  22. Colleen

    Katie, I’m sneaking on this at work to tell you that it looks amazing!!! I cannot wait to soak in the magazine in detail at home. I love what the team stands for and how true you stay to your vision and branding.

    Congrats! xoxoxo

  23. monica of hola!design

    Katie, it’s truly fantastic! I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed. I’ve been reading your blog for a long time, and I wanted to say THANK YOU for being a inspiration, you just proved that with hard work and staying true to yourself you can make your dreams come true.

  24. ceo

    Congrats Katie… Job well done… You and your whole team should be very proud!!! Can’t wait for more….


  25. Amanda

    You have done such an elegant, beautiful, and polished job on this! I am planning to read all issues and borrow ideas left, right, and center! Hooray!

  26. Newly Domesticated

    Read through it last night and was struck, and a little overwhelmed almost, by how much it seemed like a magazine written for and by girls just like me. I only wish I’d had it in high school, when I thought I was the only girl looking for more information about Babe Paley!

  27. Haley

    Congrats Katie! What a wonderful accomplishment darling. I will surely be an avid reader and tell all my pals to do the same :) Bravo!

  28. Navroop

    Congrats! Looking forward to reading the rest–I just finished the article with Anna Bond (love her). I’m so very inspired by people following their passions. Well done!

  29. Maureen

    Such a wonderful way to spend a snowy morning, with a cup of tea and hours of great eye candy. Already anticipating the next edition. Wonderful!

  30. The Zhush

    Wow! I finally got a chance to sit down with my ipad and devour your premier issue! LOVED IT and blown away by it..all at once! Congrats to you and your fab Matchbook team, already can’t wait for the next issue!

  31. Sarah Antweiler

    Katie!!!!! I am totally smitten!!! I’ve only made it through half and can’t wait until my kids go to bed so I can grab a cup of tea and finish it!!! Great work girl!

  32. Anjela

    Ah! The wait is finally over! And was totally worth it!
    After a bit of a rough week, going through the Matchbook pages was a refreshing and wonderfully pleasing experience! Thanks!
    Amazing work Katie, and Co. ;)

  33. Lauren

    Katie, I am so impressed and COMPLETELY inspired by the work the whole Matchbook Team has put into this first issue. There is so much good material, I need to go back and re-read it all AGAIN. Scouring the pages of Matchbook with a warm drink is officially going to be a monthly habit! Just lovely lovely lovely.

    So very inspired by you!


  34. Susan R.

    Katie, what an amazing premiere issue! I read it cover to cover and loved every bit. I’ve been a fan of your blog and to see you take your passion to the next level is fabulous. Thank you for sharing and connecting with all the Matchbook girls~there are quite a lot of us I’m happy to see. :) Some of my favorite things in the issue~editor’s wish list (i ordered the ideal bookshelf print) and am reading Penguin by Design right now. Whitney Pozgay is darling and what a dream to have Kate Spade for an aunt! I am stationery obsessed so Mr. Boddington’s was perfection. Peru is on my destination list, loved the quotes by each contributor and the “contents of handbag” prints is such a clever idea. Can’t wait to see what else you have in store! Sincerest thanks and congratulations, Susan

  35. Hana

    it’s darling! i did a quick browse and cannot wait to snuggle in on this snowy day & read all the articles. congratulations!! xo

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