Wallace’s Glamour Shots

Isn’t our new addition handsome?  He loves to sleep perched up on this leopard chair and it makes me laugh.  (Last post about pugs for the next week…promise!) xoxo

P.S. We discovered today that he can not only sit, shake and lay down, but also roll over.  He’s such a roly poly—it’s the cutest!!!

33 comments on “Wallace’s Glamour Shots

  1. Brandi

    Wallace is very handsome, though he does have a bit of sadness in his eyes. A few days with you, Alfred, and Mr. Armour and I’m sure that will disappear.

  2. Jenna

    OMG! He’s so cute. I like how different the contours of his little face are from Alfie’s. What a dapper duo!

  3. Julia

    Wallace is just the cutest! I LOVE his name too!! Glad to see you have a new addition to the Armour family.

  4. Making Magique

    Oh jeez…I think I need to quit my job and start a pug only baby sitting service? HE IS SO CUTE! Another link I have to send to mom and sis…send all your pug links to them! HAHA!

  5. Teresa

    Welcome Wallace!
    I see Mum is already introducing you to the good things – aren’t you cute perched on the leopard?! Mum missed the joke but Auntie Teresa is here bursting with pride with your witty humour LOL.
    Too Lovely, Katie! Keep them coming…

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