Girl Crush: Sofia Coppola

I was interviewed yesterday by one of my favorite magazines/blogs (can’t wait to share it with you!) and answered Sofia Coppola when asked about a current style icon.  While I love to look at frilly, girlish things my personal wardrobe is far more tailored and neutral than one might imagine.  More specifically, I find these shots from Sofia’s campaign with Louis Vuitton to be the epitome of chic.

I want to know, who is your current style icon?  Gush away, it will make for great Matchbook research : )

(via the lovely Heather of Habitually Chic)

28 comments on “Girl Crush: Sofia Coppola

  1. Elizabeth Rose

    Kate Middleton of course is effortlessly chic! My other favorites are Rachel Weisz, Anne Hathaway, and Natalie Portman. Such gorgeous women who always show their best.

  2. Joanna

    Great minds! I just blogged on this very same subject last week. I think she is just the coolest girl ever. And I need that LV bag of hers; it looks all the better sitting atop a stack of books :-)

  3. JenLynn

    I like Zooey Deschanel for her girly and tailored pieces. She proves you can be quirky and lady like at the same time.

  4. nanne

    sofia coppola is always chic while not looking like she is trying too hard. even when i maybe don’t quite “get” what she is wearing, her look is interesting/daring without being tacky. she is an artist at dressing herself.

    now, speaking for the over 40 yet under 50 matchbook devotee, i always love gwyneth paltrow…meg ryan generally has an effortless look….i think my all time style icon might be lauren hutton. i have no idea how old she is, but she transcends age….her look is classic, but fresh and wearable for all ages and for all occasions.

    cheers to you and the first edition of matchbook–you both are classic yet timely and always inspiring.

    nanne in indiana by way of alabama

  5. cathi

    I love Sofia Coppola, her style is so classic and natural. Like Nanne just stated Lauren Hutton is my all time fave style icon – she’s amazing! xxoo :)

  6. kelly ann

    sofia. <3 she's spectacular. always.

    anne hathaway, alexa chung, & michelle williams are my style icons of the moment. everything about them always seems so effortless and simple, but still really chic. (it seems most people weren't fond of michelle's golden globes dress, but i loved it!)

  7. Hayley

    I have always admired Rachel Bilson’s ability to mix high and low end things and make them look incredibly unique. Her chic pairing of the unexpected: a summer dress with short, flat boots with a simple cardigan on top. She is able to mix patterns, prints and fun colors with simple, clean lines and achieves a look that is effortless. These aspects of Rachel’s style are something I aspire to with my wardrobe everyday ;)

  8. Breathless

    I have an obsession with Kate Lanphear’s style at the moment, but I dress nothing like her so I’m content just looking at pics of her. I confess to being inspired by Victoria Beckham, I like her sleekness, she’s so put together. Other than that: Audrey Hepburn and Emma Watson.

  9. Kirby

    love this add campaign! and great bag too…

    I would have to go with Anne Hathaway for me. She is so glamour on the red carpet and looks so casual and chic on the street.


  10. mary

    YOU, Kate, are my style icon! I love watching the way you put things together, the way you make them your own! I also loved Zelda Fitzgerald, She was someone who expressed her own style even when it pushed the envelope a little too much for polite society (the buff- colored bathing costume…) Style icons are always a little more extreme & expressive, in my view, than others.

  11. Kendall

    That bag is perfection, and Sofia looks stunning. My style icon is a cross between Emerson, from EmersonMade, and Anne Hathaway. Does that make any sense?


  12. Jenna

    Sofia looks amazing. I wish I could just throw something on in the morning and look that chic.

    Right now I can’t stop thinking about Natalie Portman (she’s everywhere), Katie Holmes, Whitney Port and Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl (even if she isn’t real). I just cant wait for the flirtatious, colorful styles of spring!

  13. The New Diplomats Wife

    The Baroness Elsa Von Schreader from The Sound of Music. Not only is everything she wears expertly tailored, she put up a good fight for the Captain but walks away with her dignity intact and head held high at just the right time.

  14. Doris

    Carolyn Bessette Kennedy- her wedding style set the tone for my wedding. I think she had flawless personal style. I haven’t found another woman as intriguing as she was.

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