Thank you, Charlotte!

So tickled to have been interviewed by one of my favorite blogs, NY Mag’s The Cut.  I met the lovely Charlotte Cowles at the Kate Spade dinner party over the holidays and when she asked to interview me about Matchbook last week I nearly died of flattery.  Thank you, Charlotte!  To learn more about my love of pugs, Trader Joe’s and wild and wonderful West Virginia read the interview here : )

45 comments on “Thank you, Charlotte!

  1. Deborah

    LOVE your new online magazine!! LOVE IT! It is so refreshing to actually READ a lovely fashion/design/lifestyle magazine that really inspires and speaks. Looking forward to next month’s installment. Matchbook is my favorite one by far!

  2. Colleen

    I love that picture. And I loved the article. It’s fun to hear more of your story. We all have phases where we are figuring things out, and then something beautiful comes out of it! xx

  3. Laura Marie

    Love this, Katie! I so respect you as a blogger and I love that you mentioned not “linking back” to your blog… This blog world is such a strange thing, but there is a sort of etiquette involved and you touched on it perfectly!

    (Oh, and seriously that photo is so Audrey Hepburn chic… fabulous!)

    xo laura marie

  4. Shara

    Congratulations! Loved the article and the way you articulated your vision and aesthetic. Totally agree with your preference for happy models, too!

  5. EMILY

    OMG. Ridiculously cool, Katie. Don’t you feel as if you’ve really ‘made it’ now? NY MAG for goodness sakes! I read it religously, now more than ever that I’ve left NYC and am in SF. xo

  6. Francisca

    I just adore your interview! And yes, your blog makes me feel so much happier everytime I read it! I must confess that I come here every single day and that, just like you, I love making people happy. Thank you for posting this. :)

    P.S.- I wonder if you could make a post about what is appropriate to write on a Thank you note for fathers in law?

  7. Paul

    Congratulations! I was casually going through my daily blogs when I saw this NYmag post about you! Awesome!

  8. Emma Kisstina

    I am so impressed by you Katie! You’re so real. (if that makes any sense) I also have not thanked you enough for featuring my work… I am just too honoured to be associated with your happiness, class, and intelligence.


  9. Katie Armour Post author

    Oh my!!! Thank you SO much for all of these sweet comments. We’ve been running around like mad in NY and I just now got a chance to read them and am tickled pink. Thank you so very much for your support of Matchbook, ladies. You spoil me! Can’t wait to share issue 2!

    xx Katie

  10. kelly

    Congrats Katie! NY Mag is one of my favorite magazines and I read the Cut every day at lunch. I was so excited to see you! Your story is very inspiring and I really admire you for going for it : ) xo KO

  11. Tonya

    Thank you for not saying bad things about West Virginia. And congrats on all your charming success! And smooches to the pugs.

  12. chelsea

    I loved reading this about you!! It’s always nice to get to know the people behind the blog a little better. I really appreciate your outlook too, on happy people!

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