20 comments on “Must have.

  1. Sara Kate

    I’ve been contemplating ordering this clutch all day long. This morning I stumbled upon it, and I just cannot seem to stop thinking about it. Its just absolutely lovely, and I’m such a sucker for Jane Austen.

  2. chelsea

    The book clutches were one of my biggest disappointments of 2010. I LOVE “The Great Gatsby” and I was SO excited for the clutch, but I was totally overwhelmed with it. If I’m spending $325 on a clutch, I don’t want it covered over with vinyl. Oh well… It IS just a handbag, right?

  3. Elle

    I love this bag! My sister works at Kate Spade and she called me as soon as she heard this clutch was coming in. I am soooo getting this for Spring!

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