26 comments on “Vintage Ferragamo

  1. geri

    i have these in navy blue, from the 80’s, and still wear them all the time! it’s true… classics are an investment! have fun at your b.b.q tonight! isn’t the weather awesome!!! so cal is beautiful today too!
    so enjoyed the pictures coach posted of the matchbook soiree! i am so happy for all of you! so nice to see your beautiful family in attendance supporting you! ( your mom and laura linney could be sisters… she is one of my all time favorite actors).

  2. Susan R.

    I love etsy~just blogged about it yesterday. Years ago, before I became a stay.at.home mom, I worked on Capitol Hill and wore Ferragamos like these (in black) several times a week. ;D

  3. Alicia

    I love the fact that they’re a 10 simply because I always manage to find a great vintage shoe…in a size 5 or 10 which makes me always wonder…

  4. Laura @ Let The Real World Begin

    I thought I was the only one with big feet! I’m a size 9, but still… most of the vintage shoes I find are 5 or 6. Sigh. Can’t squish my feet into those.

    I spend a lot of time in the handmade side of Etsy, but I’ll pop around more on the vintage section tomorrow!

  5. Corinna

    thanks for the tip! i have been dying for a pair but put them on hold to my first paycheck after school…. but i found a pair on etsy and now they are on their way to me! yay for thrifty chicness! xo

  6. gabriella

    ohmygoodness, where?! have been dreaming of a pair of ferragamo flats for myself. (i’m a size 6.5 but) will start perusing etsy now!

  7. Teresa

    Oh my.
    Don’t use Ferragamo, Vintage and Etsy all in the same sentence. It’s barely morning here :D
    Flats are the new chic, aren’t they? I’m witnessing a flood on shelves and magazines all around.

  8. Pallas

    could you possibly do a post on your favorite etsy stores? I’d like to take some of my shopping there but i don’t know where to start

  9. Allison

    I don’t! But I wish I did now…
    I would be a much more enthusiastic Etsy-er (word?) if Canada wasn’t so painful to get stuff into. But until it is, I look around and dream…

  10. Alexandra

    Whenever I go back to Montana I make it a habit to head to a little vintage store in my town that almost always seems to have vintage Ferragamo pumps for around $30. :)

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