Looking for an intern…

Hi ladies,

Just wanted to put word out that I am currently on the hunt for an intern.  I need someone here in San Francisco’s east bay to help with Matchbook ideally 2 afternoons a week.  You’d be working by my side.  I’d love someone extremely organized, with strong writing skills and a passion for beauty/fashion/design.  For now the position would be unpaid.  Please send resumes to katie@theneotraditionalist.com.  Happy to help you get college credit if possible!

P.S. Must love pugs.

P.P.S. If you already sent a resume to us at Matchbook and are in the bay area, please feel free to re-submit to me directly.  We get a lot of mail.  Thank you!

(Photograph available for purchase here!  Isn’t it lovely?)

22 comments on “Looking for an intern…

  1. pve

    why not find someone at a local university that is studying design, computers or ? – let me see if i know of anyone….there.
    good luck.

  2. Katie Cook

    Have you enlisted Mills College and the Art Institute?
    Both are located close by.
    Good luck with the mag

  3. Katie Armour Post author

    Katie — No, but those are both excellent suggestions as well! I’m hopeful I’ll find someone organically through the blog, but will approach more schools if necessary! Thank you!

  4. Lindsey

    If only I were still a student and still living in the States! What a great opportunity. If you ever want a Paris contributor, I’m your gal!

  5. Kaitlin

    I just typed up a draft letter this morning to see about the possibility of interning for Matchbook. I’m at Stanford, so unfortunately it may be too far. But, if not, I can send along my resumé.

  6. Vivian

    I feel your pain, Lindsey! Katie – if you are ever looking for a Canadian correspondent I would apply in a second!

  7. Susan R.

    Oh to be a student in the Bay area . . . would have loved this opportunity back in the day! All the best Katie~I’m sure you’ll find the perfect match. ;D

  8. Katie H

    How I would love to intern! If only I weren’t at university on Canada…
    This sounds like a dream internship, best of luck Katie!

  9. TG

    I’ll be pleasured to help you with your magazine… the problem it’s that I live in Spain (what a pity!!), If you need someone in Spain I will be pleasured to help all of you!

  10. Monica

    I’m a journalism major at TCU. If you have any summer internship opportunities or need someone in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, I’d love to apply.

  11. Jordan


    I am just wondering if Matchbook will be considering taking on any virtual interns that could potentially turn into jobs and relocation? I am currently getting my Master’s in Magazine Publishing in New York City and absolutely love Matchbook and everything it stands for. If you do ever consider it, I would love to work for the magazine!

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