Neutral Newbie

I’m not usually one to get caught up on beige, but these new Dizzy Dot cosmetic cases from Kate Spade stopped me in my tracks.  Love the imperfect polka dots and linen-esque texture.  SO chic!  Adding to my birthday wish list : )

P.S. Someone left a hurtful comment today saying if I was being paid to endorse Kate Spade I should disclose it.  FOR THE RECORD, I do not (unlike many blogs out there) accept money for product placement in my posts in any way shape or form.  It is a personal choice not to and I am proud of that choice.

23 comments on “Neutral Newbie

  1. Lauren

    If you have a favorite brand, you are more likely to post about said brand. I’m sure if I had a blog with some of my favorite items posted it would begin to look like a Miu Miu catalog. You have always done a wonderful job of indicating when you have received the item you are featuring as a gift or if the designer/producer of the item is one of your sponsors. Keep doing what you’re doing and let the meanies find another blog to follow!
    PS This has my mom written all over it. She is the beige lady.

  2. Lena

    Really, who doesn’t adore Kate Spade (especially amongst your readership)? Sorry you had to deal with such a troll, but you couldn’t have handled it better.

  3. Missy in Chicago

    Love the polka dots! And to the hurtful message writers, don’t mind them, some people have a hard time watching others like yourself being passionate about what they do and being successful at it. Keep up the great posts!

  4. Tara

    What can I say, when you love a brand you love a brand! The funny this is sometimes I don’t even notice how much I am posting or writing about something because I just love it so much. It’s only when it is pointed out by someone being objective that I notice. But at the end of the day this is your blog and your space to post whatever you want. If people don’t like it, they don’t have to visit.

  5. Katie Armour Post author

    Thank you everyone for your sweet comments! I just wanted to clear the air in case there were others questioning whether things were endorsed. So silly! xx

  6. Caitlin

    hey lady! i’m in love with this makeup travel bag – I’ve had one from Kate Spade that is about 10 years old . . . might need to replace it with this one :)

  7. To The Tens

    Kate Spade has the best cosmetic cases and mine is on it’s last legs so I may just have to scoop this up!
    I am also in full agreement with all of the above – you love what you love and I personally think you do a great job of spreading the spotlight around!

  8. Francisca

    Oh! And I have something to add…(after I read the other comments), your blog brings me joy everyday and it’s the main reason I may had stop buying some mags. I love the fact that you always post the things you love. It’s your blog, and you it’s because you post what you love that makes it one of my favorites!

    P.S.-I do wish you post more about your outfits. I seriously need inspiration and my taste is very similar to think about that. Maybe just showing the outfits but instead of your photo…maybe in an illustration? I love the ones on matchbook..hihihi.

    Never stop posting, pleaaaasseeee!

  9. Hana

    people are weird. don’t change a thing, it’s YOUR blog. and these are cute! it reminds me of a neutral version of albert hadley’s dots! xo

  10. Cassie

    That’s ridiculous! Clearly the reader needs to take a closer look at your blog. Your posts do an excellent job of conveying your integrity! Can’t wait until Issue 2 of Matchbook!

  11. diane

    Ignore those hurtful people. They simply have too much time on their hands and are angry and bitter about something. You handled it with class and I personally enjoy seeing your Kate Spade suggestions.

  12. Deanna (Silly Goose Farm)

    Love the polka dots!

    I received a super-mean comment this week, as well (I write a business/marketing blog for a large newspaper). Instead of ignoring it, I’m taking it an making a new blog post about how to handle negative comments!

    When life hands you lemons, make gin and tonics. Keep on, Katie. You’re doing GREAT!

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