26 comments on “Love at First Sequin

  1. Dalia

    Oh wow so shiny i LOVE it! Looks delicate as long as you take care of it youll probably be wearing it a long time. Im picturing it on my arm right now : )

  2. Alison

    I was goggling over this piece on Shopbop today! A sequined clutch is timeless and elegant. Go for it!

  3. Lauren @ Stylized Existence

    The color is beautiful. Although I am not sure it will be in style for every every season of every year, it is definitely something that will come in and out and I tihnk you’d be happy with it for many years if you purchase it. And maybe someday if you have a daughter, she can inherit it. I sure wish my mom saved more of her things!

  4. Sarah

    I think it’s a forever piece. You won’t be using it everyday so when you take it out for a special occasion it will feel special every time.

  5. bink & boo

    How can one tire of sparkle?! Sure it’s awesomeness might wear off after a couple of seasons, but it’s a classic that you will fall in love with all over again at a later date.

    Buy it!

  6. Katie Bird

    I love it as well! Isn’t Shopbop the greatest? Although, I must say I’m still lusting over that Kate Spade bucket bag from a few weeks bag. Hope you got yours- I’m saving for mine!

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