The Duchess of Windsor’s Pugs

You can imagine my excitement when I discovered a pristine copy of The Private World of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor in a used bookshop today for a mere $29?!  I snatched it right up and have been pouring over the pug-filled pages ever since.  Above are two of my very favorites—the second especially makes my heart swell.  I can’t wait to have five pugs of my own someday…three to go!

4 comments on “The Duchess of Windsor’s Pugs

  1. John About Town

    I bought the same book a few years ago, and easily spent over $100. I just followed your link, and used copies on amazon are even more now. Congratulations – what a fantastic find!

  2. Terri

    we have two old -gals/guy.s… Remi & Oskar….I am lucky …to be married to the
    best Vet. …. We aslo have a Frenchie….Teddy ( Thea-adorable)…..

    their beds say …Pug…Pug…Not a Pug ( she( Teddy) lands on this bed more than not…hehe

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