Matchbook on Shelterpop!

Did you see the sneak peek of Matchbook Mag issue 2 on Shelterpop?  It’s a small glimpse of the Sausalito studio of artist Woody Biggs.  Head over to Shelterpop to see a bit more!  Can’t wait to show you the full issue on…MONDAY!!!!

(photography by the talented Steven Randazzo)

8 comments on “Matchbook on Shelterpop!

  1. Susan

    I have been obsessed with his work for a while now…been saving! I even thought we could be related…(maiden name). So happy you are featuring his talents!!

  2. Katie Armour Post author

    Susan — I’m so glad you’re a fellow fan! The second I saw his work I contacted him for an interview — I just knew there had to be a fantastic story there : )

  3. Gabriella

    I have to say–I am v. excited about this second issue. The first one was just darling, and now I have a date to look forward to for this upcoming one. Come Monday it will be, my Macbook Pro, and a glass of wine. Thank you, Katie, Jane, and Fallon!

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