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My absolute favorite person on the red carpet last night was Michelle Williams (though I’ll admit I’m rather pixie-cut partial).  I just loved the simplicity and understated elegance of her Chanel Haute Couture gown.  My second runner up was probably Mandy Moore—I just adored her and she looked stunning in her Monique Lhuillier gown.  Who was your favorite? I didn’t have any girlfriends to watch it with and am so curious as to what you thought!

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  1. London Lisa

    I am right there with you on Michelle Williams. Loved her look so much and watching her last night made me realize that we have the same haircut. (Love it) Seriously, the shorter the better! Her and Halle Berry were my absolute favorites.

  2. c'est moi

    Am I the only one that loved Cate Blanchett’s Givenchy gown?? I just thought it was so beautiful – architectural, but embellished. Loved the unexpected color combo of light lavender and bright yellow. Really exquisite and not your run-of-the-mill sparkly, froufy Oscar gown.

  3. Ashley

    Cate Blanchett hands down, in this universe and the next. She should have worn the hat/horns to make it even more amazing. She’s a perfect, beautiful, glowing elf queen.

  4. TimbarikaDoll

    Michelle’s dress was stunning & I agree with c’est moi above, I loved cate Blanchett’s gown too!! Really nice to see everyone looking so lady-like and old school in ways!! xx

  5. Alex

    I die… Michelle Williams, Mandy Moore, Halle Berry, and Hilary Swank’s dresses took my breathe away this year. Their soft white and creme dresses lit up the red carpet… absolutely in LOVE!

  6. JenLynn

    I like Michelle Williams as well, along with Mila Kunis, Natalie Portman, Jennifer Hudson, and Cate Blanchett (although many are placing her on the worst dressed, I thought she looked fabulous)

  7. {be merry} kate

    I actually didn’t watch, but I had to look at pics online this morning! Michelle Williams is definitely at the top of my list! Mandy Moore is just stunning… can you believe that dress? Natalie Portman was also amazing. Who pulls off being pregnant like that?!?


  8. Meagan

    Michelle and Mandy both looked gorgeous, no doubt about it. But Cate stole the show in my book. That fashion forward Givenchy gown was just the right amount of WOW for the night when everyone else sort of went with the expected classy gown. I also loved Mila’s dress, it was sexy and classy and fun all in one!

  9. Shenoa L.

    I adored Cate the Great’s dress. It was so unexpected and fresh. What a treat to see something a bit tricky and conceptual pulled off with aplomb. Sunrise Coigney also looked edgy and elegant. Her date (Mark Ruffalo, sigh) was looking dapper as well.

  10. Dana

    I loved loved loved Mila Kunis…the color was so stunning with her dark hair and eyes.

    I also loved Scarlett Johanssen…the color was so gorgeous and unexpected, and I loved her makeup.

  11. Teresa

    Mandy Moore definetly. Her nude was the exact tone while Michelle’s somehow made her look nude from head to toe…
    Mandy wins, definetly! Winner lipstick also :thumbup:

  12. Taryn

    I have to give my love Hailee Steinfeld! Everything about her look was absolutely perfect–fresh, age-appropriate but not TOO young. And Mila, who really has won hands-down every awards show, gown-wise, this season.

  13. nanne

    i loved michelle williams and also loved, loved gwyneth paltrow. they were both so fresh & modern, but in totally different ways.

    i really liked cate b. mainly because, as usual, she did not play it safe. so many stars find a style that suits them, and while beautiuful, repeat it time and again….i get very bored with the same look, just rehashed in different fabric or colors. and ms. cate can carry off anything.

    i also loved, loved that 14 year old from true grit (can’t remember her name :()…i heard she actually drew a picture of the dress she wanted and the designer (whom i cannot remember either….double frowny face). she looked just right for her age & so romantic & timeless.

    nanne in indiana by way of alabama

  14. Rosemary

    Mila and Cate were my favorites! I thought Mila was flawless in that unexpected color and Cate’s dress was so exciting and different. Both looked beautiful and made the red carpet a bit more exciting.

  15. Natasha

    I loved how unique Cate’s dress was and I thought Natalie looked amazing, too. Gwyenth also rocked her gold! Mandy’s second blue dress was also stunning.

  16. kelly ann

    mandy looked SO ethereal and pretty. cate blanchett might have been my favourite… i thought her dress was incredibly unique without being over the top… i felt like the fashion last night was a little bit… blah? but she definitely stood out. cate always seems to stay really true to herself when choosing red carpet looks, and i love that. and hailee steinfeld looked ADORABLE. everything she wears is so age appropriate – she’s a classy young lady!

  17. Jesselyn

    Loved Cate’s dress! Mila has just been stunning all awards season too. I usually love Natalie Portman but I thought Mila just outshone her this year fashion wise (granted Kunis doesn’t have to worry about a belly unlike Portman). And of course Mandy Moore looking so lovely. I would have loved if she wore her hair a different way. The down the middle part pulled back seems a little harsh for the dress but that lipstick color? Divine!

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