36 comments on “Issue Two is Live!!!

  1. Linda

    ahhh!!! issue 2 looks great!

    going to curl up tonight in bed and flip through it with a bowl of raspberries by my side

    also, i love the shout-out to “old philadelphia houses on society hill”

    i go to college in philly, and in the warmer days, i love walking around society hill with a small cup of frozen yogurt, looking at all the old architecture :]


  2. Corinna

    congratulations katie! sorry i missed you at the latest gathering- i’ll try to make it to the next one! i hope you can take a little rest to walk to the beach with your babies before diving into the next issue!

  3. Katie Armour Post author

    Thank you everyone for your sweet comments! I’m so glad you approve! We have tons of fun shoots scheduled over the next two weeks for issues 3 and 4 — full speed ahead : )


  4. geri

    i marvel at what you girls did in one “short” month! wow… all of your dedication is evident! i feel like such a sloth next to you! that brain of yours must never shut down… ever! i loved the second issue, it did not disappoint at all! going back to delve even deeper!!! thanks for giving so much, that we as the reader can reap such great benefits! now go take a break!!!! xoxo

  5. pretty pink tulips

    I read every page last night. Love the Editor’s picks and so many great articles! I posted it on my sidebar so my “non blog” readers will be sure and take a look.

    Congratulations on a 2nd gorgeous issue!!
    xo Elizabeth

  6. Maggie

    Katie, i love the new issue – especially the book review feature. please tell me when you will host your next book club? you must have to fit in reading time for reviews? ;)

  7. Joanna

    Great job on issue #2! I particularly liked the book-related pieces. I remember reading Pamela Keogh’s book, Audrey Style, and using it as a source for a college paper (subject: the lovely and inimitable Audrey, of course). Do you know if book reviewing will be a feature in future issues? If you ever need any writers for book reviews or things of that sort, please feel free to contact me! I am book-obsessed and have been all my life!

  8. Amanda

    Katie, congratulations on another wonderful issue. I think
    your magazine and brand has certainly cemented itself as a main-stayer in the e-publishing industry.

  9. Eden

    The new issue is BEAUTIFUL! I really, really enjoy reading through it in the morning with my coffee ;) Thank you to and your team for putting together such great articles and inspiration :)

  10. Melissa

    I really liked the Royal Tenenbaum theme! I loved the red suitcases and I never would’ve thought to look at the Home Depot site! Great curating.

  11. julie

    Amazing second issue. What I think really sets you apart from other online magazines is the quality of your writing. It is so interesting to read. I stayed two hours late at work last night just to finish reading it. There is depth to your stories and I came away feeling I had actually learned something. Keep up the good work my dear!!!

  12. Maggie Rose

    You girls hit it out of the park. Was sighing and dreaming over all the fashion picks, and the home decor items. Want. Especially that silk chemise! And you featured one of my favorite bloggers, the charming Kelly of High Street Market! So glad you decided to do a monthly release. If you’re looking for contributors, I’d like to be considered (I bet I’d have to take a number though!). xo Maggie

  13. Superblondeep

    i love thi cris´s hair! amazing colors! i follow you…follow me back please. kiss :)

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