14 comments on “Sweetest video ever.

  1. Emily

    Oh I love this! You have to check out the other ones for different cities too- Barcelona, London and Beijing, I want to go to all!!

  2. Linda

    ooo i love this! i saw this video making its rounds around the blogs a while back. the barcelona one is also really nice (and i also heard there was one for london and one for beijing?), but paris is, of course, my absolute favorite ;]


  3. The French Mouse

    Wow, my university French class would have been a lot more fun if those had been the classes…and perhaps if that cute boy had been the tutor?! ;)

    Thanks for sharing…that put such a smile on my face!

  4. isabelle

    well katie, I am leaving for new york on march 8th for a month, so my apartment in paris is available ! pugs allowed :)

  5. Courtney

    I LOVE your blog and it made me even happier to know that you had posted this video because I posted it on my blog, too!

    I lived in Paris for a year and hope to move back this summer. Watching this video makes me ooze with envy!

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