Tiny Prints Giveaway

Today I am so very excited to be giving away a $75 gift certificate to a new sponsor, Tiny Prints!  They have the most darling array of stationery from calling cards to greeting cards and even St. Patrick’s Day cards (this one made me laugh!).  To enter please visit Tiny Prints and then comment below with your favorite item from their collection.  I will draw a winner at 5pm EST on Monday!

Congratuations to the winner, Jonathan!

183 comments on “Tiny Prints Giveaway

  1. Erin Tregeagle

    I loved the “Irish Pride” & “Everything Irish” and even spotted some birthday invites I’m going to use for my sons birthday in June. Loved them!

  2. Morganne

    Oh dear! what a giveaway! After pouring over Tiny Prints amazing website i have decided my absolute favorite stationary is the Elegant Toile..but i cant decide between the moonstruck and the rose! They are both too classy and cute!

    Thanks for the spectacular chance!


  3. Victoria | vmac+cheese

    I am in desperate need of business cards and I am LOVING the slanted sensation cards. So much so, that even if I don’t win this giveaway, I might have to get some! Thank you so much for hosting and thanks to Tiny Prints!

  4. Kate

    I really love the “Stolen Spotlight” business cards, but since we are quite possibly moving in the next few months, I’d have to say the “Happy Mailbox” moving announcements are looking pretty handy.


  5. Leslie

    It’s so hard to choose! But i love “Sound Waves”, “Grey and White Thank Yous”, “Funky Frames” and “Sweet Swirls”.


  6. c'est moi

    I love their “Twin Girl and Boy Screaming Birth Announcements” – as a mother of now-5-yr-old girl/boy twins, I wish this one was around when we sent out announcements!

  7. sharon

    I really like their custom self inking stamps (floral square and french impression) and their roadside florist paper notebook.

  8. The Buzz - Diane James Home

    So loving all of these and you know how much I love handwritten thank yous! I guess I would have to pick Blossoming Babies: Begonia or Pretty Pansies or Floral Design… I guess I have many favorites and would definitely put the gift card to good use!

  9. Brandy

    I adore the Lacy Elegance in Purple wedding invitation. We’re getting married soon and I bet if we had a great discount, we’d buy our invitations from there. They have such reasonable prices!

  10. Erin

    I love the St. Patrick’s Day card, “my favorite color really is green” because I love St. Patty’s Day and especially the color green anytime of year! I think I might send these out this holiday :)

  11. Kavita

    I heart tiny prints! I love that you can now even order one card and have it completely customized. I just sent friends an engagement card from tiny prints. My recent favorite is their line of personal stationery thank you cards!

  12. JoAnn @ i'd rather be shopping

    I personally love Tiny Print’s greeting cards — i have customized a bunch of them for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day and my mom, dad and grandfather have LOVED them all. It is the neatest thing to send a card that has a personalized message AND treasured photos. Great giveaway, Katie!


  13. Kacy

    I positively adore the ‘Stolen Spotlight’ square business card in Hunter Green! I am in dire need of reworking/collating my various endeavors and starting with a new design scheme, and this would be the perfect jumpstart!

  14. Stephanie

    I’ve been looking for the perfect personalized thank you card and think “Blossoming Babies: Begonia” just may be be it. Love how the design is beautiful and feminine while also simple and clean.

  15. Miranda

    their graduation stationary are darling! The tassel one is my favorite, perfect for my upcoming graduation! haha

  16. Jane Wenthe

    The slanted sensation business cards are beautiful! Love the square shape–different and makes card more memorable :)

  17. Carleigh

    My favorite is the Playful Birds in Aloe. Can not wait till our baby is born in July, this would make most perfect baby announcement!

  18. Katie H

    The “Elegant Toile” makes my heart flutter! A perfect excuse for handwritten notes…

  19. Elizabeth

    Missing Valentine’s Day already! Maybe I should start planning a party for next year. :)

    Love Struck : Chocolate

    Definite Favorite. :)

  20. Yaffa

    I am obsessed with the Little Owl Thank You Cards. They are simply delightful… and would certainly encourage me to send a few more handwritten cards.

  21. Allison G.

    I love the Dashing Diamonds in Medium Pink. These thank you cards are so adorable. I know I’d find ways to use them all the time when I go off to college next year!

  22. Saskia

    I adore the Modern Bust: Plum . Stripes and silhouettes? So lovely! Also, this is a lovely contest!

    Have a good day!

  23. Megan Abigail Chandler

    The idea of the “Signature Snapshot” is so fun … what an awesome personalized way to say thanks! And I think we should all be writing more thank you notes, because who doesn’t love to get traditional mail. What I love most is that it doesn’t HAVE to be a picture of you, but can be a picture of something that represents you or your business! So adorable. Thanks for the intro to Tiny Prints, I’m a new fan.

  24. Meg

    First I must just say that I <3 Tiny Prints ! So many darling items I feel the urge to mail to friends and family.
    But, at the moment I am captured by the sweet Fish Bowl Moving Announcements ( http://www.tinyprints.com/product/6876/personal_stationery_moving_announcements_goldfish_bowl.html ) as mon mari and I will be moving from the big city to a more suburban sprawl and the fish moving to the larger bowl seemed like a cute way to let people know about out new address.

  25. Jenn

    I’ll be graduating for Florida State University this spring so of course I had to check out the grad announcements! But everything on the site is to die for. Hope I win!

  26. julia

    ooooh this is so exciting! i love tiny prints! if i had to pick just one favorite it would be the Chrysanthemum:Tea Rose personalized stationery/thank you cards.

  27. Joanna

    I would get the Timeless Floral business cards in azalea–timeless and so chic!

  28. Meg

    I’ve been looking for the perfect change of address cards, and tiny prints has so many fabulous options it is difficult to choose just one. I think I may like “Special Airmail : Moonstruck” best.

  29. Ana Pilar Cruz

    I LOVE Tiny Prints. We used them for our birth announcements for our second son. I particularly love the Thank You Note cards – Woodland Wonder in Smoke!

  30. Jessica

    So hard to decide. I pick the Saying Hi business cards, because I’m in the market for those these days. I used Tiny Prints recently for my sister-in-law’s baby shower though. So cute!

  31. Lena

    Those custom cards are so darling-I’d use the fonts from my music resumé and create a big ol’ stationary suite!

  32. Jackie

    i LOVE a good thank you note or personalized stationery. right now i’m drawn to “beach stripes” folded thank you notes from tiny prints. so kate spade sending love from the hamptons!

  33. Annie

    I would love a win!

    All of the cards are cute, but I’d probably go for a personalized stationary

  34. Stacie

    Wow, I love that they are making business cards now! I’ve ordered our Christmas cards from here for a few years now and they are always a big hit. My favorite from the new collection is the “seeing clearly” one with the glasses – adorable!

  35. Emma

    Their business cards are darling! However, the willow branch stationary in light turquoise stole my vote. Beautiful color scheme!

  36. Lisa

    LOVE personalized stationary and this is a great site! obsessed with the wavy stripe blank cards.

  37. abby

    I spent my early 20’s working at custom paper stores helping people pick out their own stationery and invitations and and it’s high time I had my own personalized stationery! The “Leaf Motif” in Tangerine would work quite nicely.

  38. Missy

    A teachers stationary section?!?! I have died and gone to heaven! My two loves, teaching and beautiful stationary have been combined. I love the creative writing stationary, so sweet.

  39. Alicia Brown

    Holy Awesomesauce Batman! The “Little Owl” flat card stationary is right up my alley.

  40. Marie

    Bold bliss or unique style? I am torn between those two fabulously stylish business cards. I even already uploaded my photos, my info for my video production business in Sacramento, and will probably order them tomorrow… It’s so hard to find some really nice design for folded cards…

  41. Christine B

    I’m getting married in August and would love some stationery to go with my new name!

  42. Jess

    I love the “Twin’s Nest” baby shower invitation. I have actually ordered and used this before and it’s a really pretty card, simple and elegant!

  43. christine

    Oh what to choose! I would love new business cards, need shower invitations, and adore the holiday cards! Charming giveaway, thank you!

  44. Alexandra

    I love, love, LOVE the Taffy Stripes dayplanner, although I will say that I newly started a freelance career and would kill for some of the Post Pentagon business cards.

    Everything they have is so chic and great! :)

  45. Karin

    I know someone already said it but the “Little Owl:Aloe” stationary would be perfect for a certain Chi Omega!

  46. Liz

    I love the whimsical dove thank you notes! They are beautiful and would make for pretty thank yous!

  47. Cary Randolph

    Desperately in need of new business cards – the Stolen Spotlight square card would be ideal. Love this giveaway, and thank you, Katie and Tiny Prints!

  48. casey

    I ordered my business cards from Tiny Prints and am in love with the design and quality. And would love some more!

  49. Savannah

    I am so glad you turned me on to this site! I have a slight obsession with stationary and the fleur de lis. The Parisian Flair folded note is perfect!

  50. mary

    The ‘Memorable Moments’ First Communion cards are so cute! I will tell parents of my Confirmation/First Communion candidates (I am Faith Formation @ a Catholic Church) to check out this company!!!! They had lots of neat stuff!

  51. Karen

    I do love a square business card with a simple design and a pop of color. TinyPrints has the best selection!

  52. Candice

    I absolutely adore “Lover’s Quarrel,” as my husband and I are constantly bickering over who loves the other most. I think this card would settle things once and for all.

  53. Jordan


    I LOVE the Rotary Phone cards. I live in New York City but all of my family and friends are in Texas, so I send a LOT of snail mail in the form of birthday cards, congratulations, or just saying that I was thinking about them. These would be perfect for me and I could include a picture of my Miniature Schnauzer with it :)!

  54. Emily O.

    I really love their address labels! Very simplistic clean designs. I especially like the “Bold Borders” and “Slanted Stripes.”

  55. Liz

    Too bad Christmas has come and gone and I am new to this adorable site! I love the “Sweet Sweaters” invite for a Tacky Sweater Party. They look so pretty on their cute little hangers all in a row. Pick me!

  56. Csilla

    love love love the designs!

    (we’re getting married this summer, so this would definitely help!)

  57. Molly McMillen

    It’s so hard to choose. The Saint Patrick’s Day ones are all so fabulous, and so much fun! This year I think I just might have to send out some cards for one of my favorite holidays :)

    But I’ve really had a thing for flat stationary lately, and the Modern Vintage just makes me weak in the knees, so darling!

  58. Stephanie

    I loved pretty much everything – their style is just perfection – but I especially love the Blossoming Babies stationery. My new husband and I could use some lovely, grown-up stationery!

  59. Nicole

    I am IN LOVE with the ‘modern simplicity’ business cards! The firm work for supplied me with a whole bunch of pretty hum-drum cards, so I ordering a whole bunch of these immediately for free-lance work I do on the side! I love stumbing on little gems from your blog…merci beaucoup!!

  60. Dana

    The business cards are impressive…they definitely are attention getters. Nothing I’ve ever seen before! Would love to win!

  61. Domanique

    I have to say, I love the Sound Waves style in the basil.

    It’s a perfect balance soft and minimal.

    Would love to have stationary in this style.

  62. Kayla Mosel

    Obsessed with each and every design! So many amazing designs to choose from. Since I am starting a new career in PR/Event Planning I thought a new business card would be a good idea! One of my favorites has to be Marvelous Monogram – so chic!

  63. Traci

    There are so many favorites at Tiny Prints! I am really loving the Songbirds Trio thank you notes. They are chic and sweet!

  64. Susan Flaherty

    Dear Katie,

    I love your blog and style !!! My favorite Tiny Print card is the St. patrick’s card featuring a prayer that could be personalized with a name ..this would be a fantastic card to send friends and family !!

    St Patricks Day Cards
    From Saint Patrick: Green Tea Designed by Eleanor for Tiny Prints

  65. Taylor

    The items for men grabbed my attention immediately – my boyfriend is in dire need of some grown-up stationery.

  66. Callie

    I love their self-inking address stamps. Much better than writing return addresses over and over on Christmas cards!

  67. Kelly

    What a fun giveaway this is!!! I would probably pick one of their baby shower invites! I just found out I’ll be hosting a shower for my sister!!!!!!! I can’t wait to be an aunt :)

  68. Sarah@goingstarfishing

    Ahhh! love love love tiny prints! Just took pictures of a friend’s newborn for her tiny prints announcements.
    My husband SO needs his OWN “guy” stationary and “elegant stripe” would fit the bill perfectly!
    thanks… fingers crossed!

  69. Gigi

    Oh, how cute are they? It is so hard to narrow it down. I’ve picked a few because I just could not choose one!

    Address Label (Sweet Salutation: Begonia) – It is grown-up but satisfies my inner desire for pink.

    Stationery (Bed of Roses) – It is young and cute but not baby-ish.

  70. Grace

    I especially love their business cards. I’m a college student and I feel that clever and smart business cards are a refreshing addition to any portfolio and resume.

  71. Yvonne

    I would love to use the gift certificate for wedding invitations! I had initially thought I would want something more traditional and understated, but I fell in love with the “Romantic Math” invitations! If we have a Fall wedding though, I also adore the beautiful simplicity of the “Autumn Afternoon” design. Thank you for doing this!

  72. Ashlee

    I’ve been drooling over Erin Condren’s collaboration with Tiny Prints – specifically the Day Planner in Pink Taffy Stripes. The layout is perfection!

  73. Jennifer

    I am loving the “stationary for grownups” that you have as your last image, am I think the striped notebooks are the perfect thing to get me into spring! Hope to win!

  74. Colleen

    Wonderful giveaway – thank you! Tiny Prints has the best collection of St. Patrick’s Day cards I have ever seen! I loved “I’m Lucky” – “Clover Envy” made me smile and “My Favorite Color Really is Green” was my favorite. I would also snap up some of her personalized flat cards. LOVE your blog!

  75. Beth KS

    Everything they do is heavenly – so chic yet elegant!! To pick just one though, those chevron callings cards have my name all over them! Thank you thank you thank you for the giveaway

  76. Dorothy Sisk

    I have always loved the idea of a address stamp… my favorite is the Savoir Faire

  77. Dana

    I’m a huge sucker for any kind of stationary, note cards, etc., so I adore Tiny Prints! My fave is the personal stationary, Chrysanthemum design in Tea Rose – timeless and elegant, it needs to be in my desk like yesterday!

  78. julie

    I love Tiny Prints – thanks for introducing their lovely site!!! I blogged about Matchbook this week – I could hardly tear myself away it was so well written and interesting! Bravo – keep it coming!

  79. Annabelle

    I love the Personalized holiday gift tag stickers! Especially the Distressed Holly in Black or Chambord. It is just the perfect last touch for beautifully wrapped holiday gifts!

  80. jonathan

    my fiance told me to enter this. we want to order the mr. lawrence invites for our wedding this august. let’s hope!

  81. Mary

    I love all paper products but I particularly like their Backyard Bash party invite…so cute for a casual gathering!

  82. Lori

    I am in love with all of the personalized stationary. I particularly like the rainbow blossoms stationary! Thanks for hosting this giveaway :)

  83. pintsizedinFluence

    I love the Swirly Frame business card. It’s simple and chic. Thank you for such a great giveaway!

  84. bethany

    these are so awesome!
    I am loving the “home is where the pub is” cards for st pattys day.

    cause, as we all know, home IS where the pub is.

  85. Courtney

    I’ve been dying for some personal calling cards!
    Tiny Prints would be perfect…Thanks!

  86. jillian

    how fun! i love this litte shops. i would love a new set of thank you cards. i like the bold monogram, or the edgy style margarita! v cute.

    xoxo, jillian

  87. whitney

    I just love the Moving Announcements (as we are preparing to move!) – especially the Important Note: Luxe Turquoise. I also am keen on the address stamps, specifically the Noble Wreath and Prairie Impression.

  88. Emilie

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! I’ve been looking for some different business cards. It makes a student like me want to be professional! I love the square cards, so presh!

  89. katie

    What a fabulous give-a-way! I love this line of papers! So cute, colorful, light-hearted and fancy free! Fingers crossed!!!

  90. Bailey

    Personal Stationery: Address Labels
    New York City: Amethyst

    I am moving to New York next month, and would love to send hand written letters with the New York address label to give all of my friends a family my new address!

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