Toast to Early Spring

Toast’s “early spring” catalog has me yearning for lazy afternoons at corner cafes…particularly those in Europe!  What I would give to be over there this very second!  Care to join?  Where shall we go—France? Italy? Switzerland?

22 comments on “Toast to Early Spring

  1. Alie

    Amen to that! From Scotland, things are quite warm and plants are coming up in their rowdy colours already:). Almost time to start sitting outside at cafes!

  2. Nicole

    Ah, I love these photos. The girl looks so laid back and spring-like. Thank goodness it seems like its starting to warm up here in philadelphia! NO MORE SNOW!

    Nicole from Simply Nicole

  3. Amber Bailey- Nel

    Hey honey, I have just done a post on this to, as this story is set in Palma de Mallorca where I live. Also loving these looks, hurry up spring. Have a great week honey, love the new Matchbook mag, you just keep making it better. ax

  4. Kate

    Somewhere warm in Italy sounds good to me. We are supposed to get a foot of snow tonight here in Salt Lake. I love that first picture because it looks so warm in the sun.

  5. Lindsay

    The catalog is filled to the brim with fantastic images.. I wish there was a Toast store in the US.

  6. Lena

    Love all these stripes-they’re making me itch for a visit to Cannes!

    Hope you’re well, darling. Let’s catch up soon!

  7. Jenna

    Im loving the red sweater and adorable striped head wrap! Thank you for making Monday less dreary with these wonderful pictures!

  8. Colleen / Inspired to Share

    Oh my goodness, I LOVE THESE! It’s like living out my dream. There’s a tiny chance I may get to go to Paris for the first time this summer and I’m squealing with delight, but also trying not to get my hopes up : )

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