Pretty Paint

I usually stick to just red or pale pink when it comes to nail varnish, but these shots from Swedish Love Affair have me thinking differently.  Aren’t her bold color choices terribly fun?  Lovely.  Do you have a signature nail color or are you adventurous?

24 comments on “Pretty Paint

  1. Susan

    Always nude on my hands…color on my toes. I was taught at a young age that is how the french ladies wore nail color. ;)

  2. Meagan

    Man, I’m such a sucker for awesome nail polish. I really got into the mint candy apple from Essie last year but could never find it in stock. So I got China Glaze’s Refreshmint and wore it nearly every day all throughout spring! I like to switch it up from dark to light to neutral to gold to red. So fun!

  3. Maggie Rose

    My favorite red is “Long Stem Roses” from Essie. My favorite pink is a barely-there ballet-slipper color (also Essie, can’t remember the name). I loved the gray you wore in the pictures from Matchbook’s first New York trip and want to try that! Too bold of colors and I get self-conscious. That’s what my toes are for!

  4. Linda [the young curator]

    lately, i’ve been sticking to a sheer pale pink color (essie’s “pop art pink” is a favorite), but that’s mostly because of internship recruiting and hanging out with my boyfriend’s parents (they have this classical view of me that i’m not dying to shatter any time soon)

    in the earlier years of college, i wore a lot of deep plum colors, and in high school, my signature color was a vibrant, jewel-toned teal :]

  5. Jenna

    I personally love pale pink or nude on my nails, because it’s so graceful, but springtime has me craving a robin’s egg blue. Nails are such an easy way to have fun with color!

  6. monica of hola!design

    I like nude or pink on my fingers, and red and bright pink on my toes…but I got a nail polish set from sephora during the holidays, and I’ve tried so many fun colors like teal, glittery gold and purple… It can brighten your mood!

  7. Ashleigh

    I always wear blue on my toes. I just bought a great new one inspired by Glee at Sephora. As a chef, I can’t wear polish on my nails…so sad.

  8. Madison

    OPI’s “Jade is the New Black” is amazing — and definitely in the same color family as that lovely blue & purple. It was the first “wow” color I dared to put on my fingers & boy did it start some conversations. Everyone loves fun fingertips!

  9. Sarah Antweiler

    I am loyal to Ballet Slippers by Essie for my fingernails…I like them short, neat, and clean looking.
    But, on my toes, I’m usually game for anything color wise. Although, I tend to lean towards wine colors in the fall and winter and bright pinks in the summer.

  10. Danielle

    “Bermuda Shorts”, by Essie, anytime of the year! My absolute favorite. I had bright purple toes for my otherwise very traditional wedding–such a fun color! :)

  11. Jordana @ White Cabana

    I adore Antonia’s blog. I love reading about her Swedish adventures and I’ve definitely learned some new beauty tricks. I usually have red or natural nails but this week (and last) I’ve ventured into new territory – grey & nude – both American Apparel. It’s been fun. I feel kind of different too…

  12. marni

    i love brights! especially in the spring and summer on my toes. right now i’m wearing an opi blue that i love, reminds me of a robin’s egg. i noticed yesterday it’s the exact same blue as my dog’s leash :)

  13. Olga

    I like to add a sharp, almost architectural contrast. Since most of my wardrobe is blacks, oranges, and grays…I like to throw in a little neon green on the nails just for fun.

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