14 comments on “Monkey Around

  1. Katie Armour Post author

    Teresa — Thank you! I read so much about that film in her autobiography yet still haven’t seen it. I must—I know she was very proud of it.

  2. Joanna

    Wow, I thought every photo of Audrey Hepburn ever taken had already been done to death on blogs worldwide. But these I have never had the pleasure to see until now. So you take the cake!

    P.S. Audrey looks adorable. As per usual. I wonder when they were taken and what film she was making at the time.

  3. mary

    I’ve seen ‘The Nun’s Story’, it is awesome! The story is about willfulness and pride, Audrey is outstanding and the story is very interesting! A must see!!!!

  4. Dalia

    I was watching a few documentaries about celebrities lives a few days ago and I watched one about Audrey. She was one of the most “normal” people hollywood has ever known. Great actress style icon also valued motherhood and managed to keep her sense of self even in the whirlwind of fame.

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