A Must See

I just love these deliciously hued paintings by Maira Kalman.  I saw her exhibit, “Various Illuminations (of a Crazy World)” at San Francisco’s Jewish Museum this past summer and it has since relocated to the Jewish Museum in New York.  If you haven’t yet seen it, be sure to go!  So much marvelous color and whimsy—your imagination will thank you.

17 comments on “A Must See

  1. Kate

    Hi Katie! Thanks for posting this – I’m a huge Maira Kalman fan and can’t wait to catch her show in NY. In the meantime, have you seen her version of “Elements of Style”? Who knew grammar could be so much fun?

  2. Ashley

    I received her book “And The Pursuit of Happiness” for Christmas and loved both the text and the illustrations. I highly recommend it to any Maira Kalman fan!

  3. Allison

    Love her work Katie, thanks for the heads up on the exhibit. I hope to see it in NYC in May. I just bought her book, Ooh-la-la Max in Love. I can’t wait to page through it, and pass it on to my own children one day.

  4. EMILY

    Agreed. You know I just adore anything and everything Miss Maira does. My mom and sister just went to see the exhibit in NYC. It was fun to compare notes after seeing it myself, in San Francisco. x

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