Spring Wreath

I am absolutely, positively smitten with this DIY wreath created by the talented Chelsea Fuss of Frolic! for Project Wedding.  I am the farthest thing from crafty, but it’s such a beauty I may just give it a go!  Have you ever made a wreath?  If I just use boxwood (trying to keep it simple, folks…) how long do you think it would last?  Any tips for the craft-challenged?

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  1. Linda [the young curator]

    reminds me of the wreaths we made in high school for may day.

    a few of the amish girls who went to our high school taught us how to make beautiful wreaths with flowers intertwined in them :], and we all wore pretty flowered dresses and our new hand-made wreaths on the first of may

  2. Corinna

    I read an easy way to make one, and I’m going to try with just eucalyptus (love the smell!). You get a wire coat hanger and stretch the bottom part down so that you have a general circle. Then lay small branches around the circle, tying on with floral wire (or just about anything… maybe green yarn?). Tie a big bow at the top to cover the top of the hangar. voila…? Soon as things calm down a little I’ll get to work and try it! xo, corinna

  3. The Flying Quiche

    Lena is right- if you spritz the boxwood wreath with water it should last you several weeks but those flowers won’t last long at all which is a pity because they are so cute! You could always add in non-perishable elements like wooden easter eggs or some wispy nests. Might have to try this. Although i have to confess: I *just* took down a white pine wreath I made for Christmas!!

  4. julie

    Boxwoods can last a long time. The flowers she added would be short lived but you could pull them out after they have lived their sweet time! Good luck!

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