46 comments on “Matchbook Issue 3 is LIVE!

  1. geri

    hi katie… can’t get to the third edition of the magazine!!! have tried every link! has anyone else had this problem, or only me! going just a bit CRAZY…. got to have my matchbook mag fix and can’t get it. oh no! any suggestions for this matchbook junkie? it just keeps coming up issue 2!

  2. Lisa

    I LOVE it. You ladies have truly outdone yourself! Favorite issue yet :) Thanks for creating such a sweet, inspirational, and adorable magazine!

  3. Alex

    i heart matchbook magazine. it gives me some inspiration while i sit and work in my little cubicle. i print out the matchbook girl and tack it to my fabric walls. she and i are a lot alike! thanks!

  4. dCc

    Each issue is even better than the last!! (which I did not think was possible) You darlings have done a fabulous job!


  5. Betty Baker

    Dear Katie and staff – I cannot begin to tell you how much I enjoyed the Matchbook this month. It was absolutely fantastic. I adored Ella Fitzgerald and saw her on many occasions when she played Massey Hall in Toronto, Ontario – Oscar Peterson generally opened for her and that was a real evening of grand music and singing. I am going off to the library tomorrow to see if I can get her autobiography to read. Both Ella and Oscar are now jazzing it up in Heaven accompanied by many other brilliant jazz artists. The whole magazine was fantastic. It is now very late and I am off to bed. Thank you again

  6. ginny branch stelling

    gorgeous, gorgeous issue! the linda rodin spread is one of my all-time faaaavorites! brava miss katie!

  7. Sweet Nothings

    Best Issue. And gave me an excuse to get my butt down to Sugar Paper how cute are they!

    It also makes me feel awful at life that there is a 23 year old with an apartment that kicks mines butt. BANANAS. I cannot believe it! and how fast you ladies turn these things out!

    Love the 50 classics section!

  8. Teresa

    I must say the online mag had me in stiches for a while but now I’m so wishing we could dwell in such lovelyness but on paper.

    I wish you’d go “vintage” and bet for the paper issue, if not monthly, now and then… But for now I’m still in coud nine since I laid my eyes on this issue. You brought Spring in force with it.

    Happy Birthday My Dear! Wishing you Lovely time in NY and a great anuity ahead.


  9. nanne


    another great issue…congrats!

    whoever your illustrator is, he/she is so talented and does a great job of transferring your mag’s spirit & intent to pen, ink and paint.

    i love how matchbook continues to mix the interesting & the whimsical with the classic for a truely unique look at all things stylish. matchbook does what all really great shelter publications have done–makes the readers stretch their creativity in their own lives in response to images that, while gorgeous and upscale, look to be attainable to the average josephine.

    thank you!

    nanne in indiana by way of alabama

    p.s…i would love to see you expand your 10 under 10 to bloggers submitting their 10 under 10’s.

    and while i’m being obnoxious with my wish list…would love to see some independent bookstores with stylish interiors featured.

    ok…that’s all i want, santa…


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