Miss Katie Evans!

I just stumbled across these darling photos of my dear friend (and Matchbook illustrator!) Katie Evans. Seriously though, how cute is she?!  I adore her quirky bracelets and gold heels — such style.  I still remember how starstruck Jane, Fallon and I were the first time we met her (we’d long admired her work for Kate Spade).  Katie’s so talented yet humble – a Matchbook girl through and through!

(photographs by Kenneth Grzymala)

20 comments on “Miss Katie Evans!

  1. Jenni

    any chance there is a list of where the bling and baubles are from? I need those earrings, asap.

  2. Maggie Rose

    Matchbook girls also always have the BEST nail polish colors! Every time you share a pic of hands I find myself wondering what the color is! It’s almost uncanny.

  3. Linda [the young curator]

    i love her style! so much happiness, color, and whimsy :]

    i really love her earrings. i have the same style by kate spade in the square version. she’s seriously making me consider getting the round version as well…

  4. katie!

    thanks everyone, you’re making me blush!
    margaret – the dress is from jcrew last spring/summer.

    have a great weekend everyone!!

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