33 comments on “Daffodils

  1. John About Town

    Daffodils are such happy flowers! I must confess, though – my eyes went directly to those fabulous Katharine Hepburn stamps. She’s my absolute favorite!

  2. In Good Taste

    These made me smile today! Trader Joe’s is my favorite little secret when it comes to gorgeous flowers for next to nothing – just picked up some fluffy periwinkle hydrangeas this weekend for just $5.99! So great. xx, Laura

  3. Katie Armour Post author

    John – I’m a bit Katharine fan too :)

    Laura – Isn’t it though?! I usually buy their hydrangea or ranunculus, can’t get enough!

    Alie – Guilty! I love their colorful boxes and save them for all my trinkets.

  4. Brandi

    They’re so lovely! I bought some lilacs (my favorite) and peonies this weekend from the farmer’s market. I love how they brighten the room.

  5. caroline

    I love that these are in bloom!! Lately, at friend’s dinner parties I have been bringing these as gifts … it immediately makes them smile. LOVE!

  6. Alison

    Trader Joe’s flowers are LOVELY, and they last for ages! Such an amazing value for only a few dollars.

    I am waiting for the ranunculus, my absolute favorite!

  7. pretty pink tulips

    What a happy way to start your day! I noticed my neighbor’s daffodils are in full bloom….just don’t think I have the nerve to snip any! Guess I’m off to Trader Joes!

    xo Elizabeth

  8. nanne

    as an alabama transplant, living in indiana, daffodils have been a happy reminder that spring is actually coming…even when they were peeping out of the snow…


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