Traditional Goodness

Oh my word — have you checked out the new TRAD Home?  Obviously it’s a publication after my own neo-trad heart and I am so very proud of my friends at Lonny and Traditional Home for creating such loveliness!  Above is an interior by Robert Passal that absolutely blew me away.  Lucite, leopard, and handsome baskets brimming with glossies — can you even imagine?!  BRAVO BRAVO to everyone involved!  My head is dizzy with inspiration… : )

11 comments on “Traditional Goodness

  1. Decor Arts Now

    I felt exactly the same way. Loved the whole thing and posted about it.
    I don’t get many nasty comments, but one guy commented on my Trad Home post saying I shouldnt blog about design because I am from the suburbs! Now what is that supposed to mean? (and I guess why is he reading me then). I say he is clueless!
    The new Trad Home is fabulous!

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