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  1. Gabriella

    I think that little black pug is adorable.
    A query: Is having two pups better than one, and if so, how? I have convinced my fiance to adopt a cavachon for a wedding present, but should we be adopting two instead? Or would you suggest getting one first?

  2. Katie Armour Post author

    Gabriella – Two is so much better than one! We adopted Alfred 1st and he often had major separation anxiety when we left him home alone (i.e. lots of howling). We finally broke down and adopted Wallace a year later and it has been smooth sailing since! Now that Alfred has a playmate he gets more exercise (he’s still a pup) and doesn’t get upset when we leave. Hope this helps! :)

  3. geri

    hi katie, yes the little black pugs are adorable! just recently watch marie antoinette and couldn’t help but think of you! my experience is that you can’t wait too long to introduce a new pup to the others. i tried over the winter break. while home visiting, my oldest daughter rescued a husky puppy and my 3 1/2 year old labradoodle was not having it!
    it is quite possible that pugs have a more mellow disposition and would be more welcoming. if nothing else you could use this story as an angle to convince your husband that you can’t wait too long!!! he he!

  4. Natalie

    I have a little black pug and she is my favorite! I grew up with a fawn and now I have my Dahlia. Sometimes I think she could use a friend — but other times I think she’s too “center of the house, in charge” and that she wouldn’t like another dog fighting for attention. She doesn’t like it when I pick up another dog! But that’s Dahlia, she’s a princess.

  5. marni

    geri, we have a labradoodle also! sometimes i wish we had another to keep him company but he’s almost 5 years old and really mellow, i think he enjoys his life of leisure.
    i love your pug obsession katie. whenever i see one i cannot help but think of you!!!

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