Introducing…The Daily Spark

I am so excited to share with you a new little side project the Matchbook team has been working on…The Daily Spark.  Yup, an official Matchbook blog that will be updated daily by myself, Jane and Fallon multiple times a day!  We have tons of fun giveaways lined up and so much inspiration to share — I hope you enjoy it.  And don’t fret, The Neo Trad is here to stay.  I’m too attached.  After all, this is where it all began :)

22 comments on “Introducing…The Daily Spark

  1. Gabriella

    Oh how exciting! I don’t know how you ladies do it especially since yours is a monthly publication, but I am thrilled to bits by the news.
    (Also, thank you for the puppy advice. Now to convince the fiance.)

  2. Hana

    so exciting! i don’t know how you do it either! of course, it looks charming and inspirational… already added it to my ‘read & love’ list! xo

  3. Maggie Rose

    I don’t know where you ladies find the time to gather and share all this beautiful inspiration, but I’m not complaining! Adding it to my daily reads, along with Fallon’s blog which I think I’d missed before!

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