Seashells and such…

I just started to clear off this old bookcase (picked up at a thrift shop a few months back) so I can paint it. The light was nice so I snapped a few photos of my unruly shell collection before taking everything apart. This is only a very small glimpse of it. Someday, once I’ve finally finished decorating our little place, I’ll publish it somewhere so you can see the rest :)

P.S. Yes, Linda Rodin in Matchbook’s most recent issue is definitely a kindred spirit.

P.P.S. Want to know a little secret? That pretty flower on the left is faux! A gift from my friends at Diane James Home.

22 comments on “Seashells and such…

  1. John About Town

    There’s just something so calming about seashells – collecting them reminds me so much of childhood vacations. Also, your use of “kindred spirit” has prompted me to pull out my Anne of Green Gables / Avonlea dvds!

  2. Katie Armour Post author

    John – Anyone that catches the Anne of Green Gables reference is a friend of mine! So jealous you have it on dvd – I must invest!

  3. John About Town

    Absolutely – I’ve bonded with more than one friend over a mutual love of those films, and have seen them countless times! Did you know that Schuyler Grant (Diana Barry) was a grandniece of Katharine Hepburn? Ok, I’ll stop before I reveal myself to be a TOTAL nerd! ;)

  4. Kirby {Colors of Honey}

    this reminds me of when my sister and I would pick up every shell we would find while on a beach vacation. when we would arrive back home our suitcases would be filled with sand. Your collection is a little more ‘grown up’ than ours was. xo

  5. geri

    i was so happy you wrote this seashell post! i too have been collecting seashells for most of my life,(many,many years) and as you can imagine, they have started to build up on me!curating them around the house has become a part time job!
    i was so excited when you featured linda rodin in the 3rd issue of matchbook! i instantly felt a kinship! not only with her shell collecting but just as a collector in general. i am so curious about a piece in her apartment and thought you may be able to shed some light! on page 121, right hand side of the room is the most fabulous vessel holding some of her shells. it’s oval shaped brass with glass and sits upon a stand. do you have any idea what it is? thanks katie!xoxo

  6. nanne

    saw your copy of zelda…i loved that biography and have been facinated for years by her.

    i’m from montgomery–she known as quite the scandalous character in my conservative hometown. my great-grandfather went to high school with her and i was very slightly aquainted with her daughter, scottie ( a lovely, gracious woman). i have a couple of vague memories of some of the grown-ups talking about zelda then shushing each other when they noticed the perked up little ears in the room.

    love the sea shells (& another anne fan here…i still re-read the first 4 books in the series every summer.)


  7. {be merry} kate

    Did I ever mention that I use to work at a seashell shop? It was my summer job in college and I absolutely loved it. My collection (which is small) is still in Charleston, but hopefully one day I will bring it back out!


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