31 comments on “Pinch me!!!

  1. Gabriella

    Oh my, congratulations! I was v. curious after all of the tweets yesterday.
    By the way, your eyes are beautifully green in this photo. It’s a lovely shot.

  2. Emma Kisstina

    Such a tease! I want to see every corner of your home. It looks beautiful. I’ll gladly take over your navy gingham curtains, if you tire of them. xoxo

  3. Katie Armour Post author

    Thanks ladies! You’re all very kind.

    Anita – It’s just the Timex watch for J.Crew with the neon coral wristband. I don’t know if they sell that color anymore?

    Kristina – You’re welcome over anytime! Hop on a plane! And don’t worry, the little place will be published in its entirety soon enough :)

  4. geri

    you are such a little doll katie! i wish we could meet in the flesh and go to lunch or thrifting together! congratulations once again! you are definitely the “it” girl!!! p.s. (i love that you let your babies on the sofa)!xoxo

  5. nanne

    katie, you are such a great representitive for the lovely matchbook mag!! matchbook does truely seem a reflection of you, your style & your life–fun, chic classic, tastefully flirty, smart and upbeat.

    thanks for both the mag and the blogs!

    nanne in indiana by way of alabama

    p.s. i think you will love this quote from my daughter’s sorority advisor. she is in her 70’s and the girls adore her. in discussing what to wear during the last night of rush, she told them to “wear a dress loose enough for a lady, but tight enough to show that you are a woman…”

  6. Sarah

    Katie that picture of you is adorable! I have to ask where do you find cigarette pants?! I have been dying to find a good pair. Is Jcrew the best place?

  7. Amber

    This is so exciting! I love the photo with you and your pugs. So cute. I want a pug so badly and you have TWO! not fair :) and you get to live in San Francisco! Anyway, it’s very nice to see all of your successes as I’ve really loved your blog for awhile now. Big supporter of all your endeavours!

  8. Ashley

    BIG congratulations to you, Katie! The feature is great, as are all of the photos included. Will you share more pictures of your home with us soon? Pretty please?

  9. Laura

    Lovely Katie! I would love to know where you find your silk blouses. I’ve been searching for the perfect one for quite a while now.

  10. Jennifer

    Saw the article on Refinery 29…. That brought me HERE! I live on the Island too… If I see you I’ll tell you that you looked “swell!”

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