Matchbook Issue No.4!

My apologies for the radio silence, you see, I’ve been finishing up Matchbook’s fourth issue!  That’s right, it’s LIVE :)  Will add more photos soon — for now, just a few of my favorites.

(a special thank you to our incredibly talented photographers: 1 & 5 – Carol Dronsfield, 2 – Jenna Alcala, 3 & 4 – Charlotte Elizabeth, 6 & 7 –Cooper Carras, 8 – Rachel McGinn and 9 – Liz Banfield)

25 comments on “Matchbook Issue No.4!

  1. Christina

    I can’t wait to look. If that is the King street in Charleston, I have been there, and I can’t wait to read about it.

  2. Lisa

    OH MY GOSH, Katie!! Every month, Matchbook gets better and better when I didn’t think it possibly could! Congratulations on a wonderful fourth issue :)

  3. Jessica Zigenis

    I just sat and read that cover to cover while at work (shhh don’t tell). I love this magazine, and I’m so glad you guys make it happen. Thank you.

  4. Marsha@Splenderosa

    Hi Katie, I’m in love with that DOG! How precious! And,
    Matchbook is wonderful. In fact everything you do is wonderful. I’m a huge big fan who’s sending you best wishes for much success, and some big hugs too.

  5. nanne

    i think this issue of matchbook covered just about everything a girl could want in a mag–style, home, food flowers, creative women. fabulous. love the feature on hanna & charleston…wonderful city!!

    the great thing about matchbook is that it really has not just a certain look, but a personality. it is like that girl who is really pretty, but is also smart, interesting and just a lot of fun to hang with.

    nanne in indiana by way of alabama

  6. Kenzie

    Lovely! Can anyone spot where that striped sweatshirt came from? I’d love to know…

  7. Courtney

    How exciting to spy my own neighborhood in one of these photos…I can wait to read this issue and see the Charleston feature!!

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