Missoni for Target

Much to my excitement the style savvy folks over at Target recently announced their next collaboration will be with Italian fashion house Missoni. I am a huge fan of the company’s colorful patterns and have treasured my fabulously striped Missoni beach towel for years. The collection will include women’s, men’s, children’s and home goods — can’t wait to see what they come up with!

(photographs by Steven Miesel for the brand’s spring/summer 2009 campaign via Magaseen)

11 comments on “Missoni for Target

  1. anita

    Oh my!! I am a huge Missoni fan — I hope it will be a good collection.
    (I’ve heard the Calypso collection isn’t anything to write home about.)

  2. Alison

    Can’t wait! The designer collaboration collections are never perfect, but I almost always find something (or a few somethings) that I am absolutely in love with.

    I feel like the Missoni collection could be really good — the materials won’t be exactly the same, but the aesthetic should translate well. And who doesn’t love crazy bright stripe-y knits in the fall??

  3. Elizabeth

    oh! amazing. I hope it turns out well. This is one that I will probably be waiting at the doors of Target for the morning it comes out.

  4. classiq

    Ah, the wonderful, colourful world of Missoni. I love their collections. Can’t wait to see what this collaboration brings. :) Ada

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