Vintage Family Photos

My mom and I had to dig through a bunch of vintage family photos for Matchbook’s Mother’s Day gift roundup and these were some of the treasures. At top, my mom as a little girl. Middle, my mom vacationing in Mexico, long before she kicked her smoking habit (she’s going to kill me, but how cool are  those Bertoia chairs?). At bottom, my parents on their wedding day in Los Angeles. They were married for 19 years before they got divorced and still remain good friends today. Maybe we’re all “friendly California hippies.” Whatever we are, I love it.

14 comments on “Vintage Family Photos

  1. quintessence

    OMG – your mom looks EXACTLY the same!! She hasn’t changed one bit!! Hopefully you had a nice mother’s day with her – or at least vicariously!!

  2. Anna

    my parents are divorced and still maintain a close relationship. It’s hard trying to convey to friends that they are still good friends. I think it’s great, way better than the other side of the spectrum :)


  3. Amy

    I saw the first photo on Facebook & it’s so cute! I love their wedding photo – it’s so sweet!

  4. Amber

    these photos are so lovely. It’s great when families work things out and you can’t imagine it being any other way because it just works weirdly and wonderfully the way it is now! :)

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