Ballet Brights

Is anyone else lusting after the bright ballet flats J.Crew released this season? I love my black J.Crew ballets (buy at least half a size down — they stretch!) and now I think I may have to add african violet, festival green, sour lemon, and poppy to the mix!  I used to live in a pair of red London Sole flats, but they eventually had to be laid to rest. Time to replace my beloved ruby slippers!

18 comments on “Ballet Brights

  1. Jane Schott

    I have always lived in ballet slippers, no high stripper pumps for me. I think J Crew does a great job in style and comfort on their flats. I have tons of them. Not that I don’t LOVE French Sole, or Chanel, I can always count on a good kick about with J. Crew. These will definitely be on my list of things to get for a summer in Palm Beach. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Delia

    So these J.Crew flats are comfortable then? I just bought a pair in black and have held off on actually wearing out of fear of disappointment…..

  3. Lana

    Just bought a pair of mint green ballet flats but would love to add these to my collection too! Love flats!

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