J.Crew, I Love You

I keep waiting for J.Crew to slip up and yet season after season (after season) Jenna Lyons and her brilliant team knock it out of the park. I want every single one of these looks for summer, especially the ensembles at top left (bow shorts, I die…) and middle right (I live for stripes). Do you have a favorite?

23 comments on “J.Crew, I Love You

  1. jo

    I love this silver and gold sequinned (?) dress! pity i can’t wear i live because it’s reminiscient of local singers that perform for ghosts during a period called the hungry ghosts festival.

    the last look, though, is lovely too — and i’d do it any day!

  2. katie

    oh so lovely, i wish they had j crew in the UK!

    i love the bow shorts too, plus the dress on the last line, the half gold/half silver thing is genius!

    katie x

  3. Kirby {Colors of Honey}

    I’m loving the hat on the bottom right. probably the only thing I can currently afford from jcrew at the moment, but I am eyeing a little white dress that I would love to change into late into the night of my own wedding… I’m starting to save my pennies!

  4. amy b.s.

    i’ve had to ban myself from their website. everything on there is something i feel i need. and really, i do. they have been perfect this season.

  5. Cate

    John – I like that you use the expression “bananas” – that’s awesome.

    Katie – I think YOU knock it out of the park – always.

    And as for me, I love the hat on top right photo, especially the hat.
    I never met a big sun hat I didn’t like…

  6. taryn

    katie – i was at j.crew tonight and noticed their “matchstick” jeans. i assume you’ve already discovered them, but if not – there’s just one more matchbook connection for ya :)

  7. Sarah

    Lovely all around. Any idea on what shade the lip color is? It’s all I can look at!

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