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I’m so pleased to share that I’m headed to Atlanta next month to speak on a panel about new media and design hosted by Traditional Home. I am a huge fan of their publisher, Beth Brenner (she’s a Neo-Trad like us and just so kind and forward thinking when it comes to business!), and I am absolutely tickled to have been asked. I’ve heard so many wonderful things about Atlanta over the years and am terribly excited about my first visit! I know you are a savvy bunch of ladies so I thought I’d ask — any tips or suggestions for my trip? I’m already planning to visit Pieces and am eager to explore the areas of Virigina Highlands and Buckhead. I’ve always joked about moving to Atlanta (I was looking up real estate there last night…I’m a bit silly like that…) so I really want to get a feel for the city!

Oh and the panel is going to be late afternoon on Friday July 15th at the gigantic gift show hosted by AmericasMart. I will be sure to post details closer to the date — I so hope you can make it! I would LOVE to meet some Neo-Trads/Matchbook Girls :) xoxo Katie


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  1. Taylor

    [Disclaimer: my recommendations will be entirely food-centric, with some transportation tips thrown in so I don’t seem like a total glutton. The savvy commenters who precede me have the shopping recs covered!]

    I am so excited that you’re already planning to visit my ‘hood – Virginia Highlands! I understand where everyone is coming from re: Murphy’s, but might I offer an alternative, especially if you are considering brunch? Rosebud ( is by far my favorite restaurant in V-H, if not all of Atlanta, and it can NOT be beat (not even by Murphy’s) for brunch on Saturdays and Sundays. The food definitely has a southern influence but still feels modern, and there’s not a bad thing on the menu. I do insist that you start with the pimento cheese with home-made saltines, however.

    Across the street from Rosebud is its extension, a bar called The Family Dog (, which is a great place to stop to have a craft cocktail (or beer) and listen to live music. Next to TFD is Alon’s, a gourmet coffee shop/sandwich place/bakery. This would be the perfect choice if you wanted to pick up a nice bottle of wine and some prepared foods to take on a picnic or to keep in your hotel room for snacking. It’s also the perfect choice for a coffee and a pastry if you’re looking for a quick breakfast or snack.

    In West Midtown, you MUST MUST MUST eat at JCT Kitchen ( Its rooftop bar has one of the most charming views of the city, and all of the best menu items from downstairs are available upstairs (Angry Mussels. Do it.). This resto shares real estate with the Mashbuns and Jonathan Adler, and tons of other cute design/apparel boutiques, so it would be the perfect place to end an afternoon of shopping with a glass (or bottle) of wine and delicious food.

    In Buckhead, I have only one recommendation: Souper Jenny ( If you need a lunch spot in Buckhead, go nowhere else. Promise me.

    When you are Downtown at the America’s Mart, your food options will be limited (Downtown just doesn’t have much of a dining scene, unfortunately). However, you will be a quick walk from Woodruff Park (, where you can get a fresh, homemade popsicle (think flavors like chocolate sea salt, coconut lemongrass, and grapefruit mint) from King of Pops ( If you HAVE to eat a meal downtown, for lunch I recommend trying Broad Street (one block east of Woodruff Park) – there is a falafel place called Ali Baba’s ( – OMG don’t judge it by its website) that is pretty good, and Rosa’s Pizza (next to Ali Baba’s) isn’t bad either. I can’t give an informed dinner recommendation because I haven’t had that many dinners Downtown, but Ray’s in the City ( is decent, and very close to America’s Mart.

    As far as transportation goes, MARTA will be convenient if you plan to travel between Downtown (where America’s Mart is) and central Midtown (where the High Museum is). If you want to travel east (to Virginia Highland) or West (to West Midtown, where the Mashburns are), you’ll have to find a cab. MARTA’s convenience to commerce/shopping/dining dwindles as you head north, so once you get off the train in Buckhead you’ll still need a cab to get you where you ultimately want to go (unless where you want to go is the Lenox Square Mall). All that being said, I strongly recommend renting a car if you can, even if it’s just for the one day that you plan on sight-seeing V-H and Buckhead.

    Enjoy your time in Atlanta and try not to MELT in the July heat!!



  2. Lauren

    Katie! Atlanta is my home town – you’ll love it there. The cutest, most interesting area is definitely Virginia Highlands. A couple restaurants to try – Empire South, Miller Union, Local 3, depending on where you are staying. Definitely visit Ann Mashburn (or Sid Mashburn for the men!) for adorable, beautiful, classic and preppy clothes. I grew up in Buckhead and know you’ll just love Atlanta! It’s all about shopping, food, and relaxing. :)

  3. Barbara

    Hi Katie- first time to your blog…nicely done! I live in Midtown- lots of places to walk here and a great park. You will want to visit The Westside design area. I have a showroom at the Mart and at ADAC- Palecek- come see me during the show! There are so many great restaurants to chose from and I know you will be very busy- I like Feast in Decatur, Top Flr in Midtown is good too. Enjoy your visit! We are looking forward to hosting you!

  4. nicole b.

    My husband and I are visiting friends in Atlanta in July. Thanks for so many great recommendations from your readers! When we’ve been to Atlanta in the past, we’ve loved the Georgia Aquarium, Braves games and the low-key vibe of the Little Five Points district where you’ll find funky thrift shops, record stores, dive bars, etc. HAVE FUN! xo.

  5. annechovie

    Thanks for the sweet comment and support, Katie! I lived in ATL for nearly 20 years and would def recommend Murphy’s as one of my faves in Virginia-Highlands. A lot has changed in the 4 years since I left, though, so some of my old faves may not still be around. Have a wonderful trip! xo

  6. Felicia

    Hi Katie,
    Absolutely love your blog and have been following for a while now. I will be in Atlanta for the International Gift and Home Furnishing market too! Would you mind posting more info on where you are speaking on July 15. I will definitely make sure to be there!
    All the best!

  7. Mary Helen

    I’m living in ATL right now so I’ll just second some other comments. Skip Buckhead, definitely do V-H and downtown Decatur, and Sun in my Belly!!! Murphy’s is good but usually has a horrible wait, so I’d definitely recommend Sun in my Belly for breakfast/brunch!

  8. Gwen

    My husband is from Atlanta, so we go there several times a year. I can honestly say that Rosebud (in V-H) is my favorite place for brunch in all of America (and I’ve lived in New York, LA, Philadelphia, and DC in the past four years alone).

    V-H in general is highly recommended. Hit up Piedmont Park if you’re in need of an outdoor stroll. The aquarium is great but way too busy on weekends. World of Coke is surprisingly fun for the collection of vintage memorabilia and the fountains of soda from around the world, but also not a good place during peak tourist times.

    Un-fancy but classic ATL food: The Varsity is an Atlanta institution, and if you’re into old-school fast food, it can’t be missed. Chick-Fil-A started in Atlanta and I swear it tastes better there. Fat Matt’s Rib Shack if you want barbecue. Fellini’s for late night (or any time) quick slices and Sweetwaters.

  9. amy

    Hi Katie! There are some amazing, hip, fun, classy places to be in ATL, but I have to suggest that you check out some of the chains that started in or are a big part of the South. Cracker Barrel, Chick-Fil-A, Bojangles, or Maurices bbq. These will certainly not be culinary highlights, but you’ve gotta try this stuff because it’s just so different than what you get anywhere else. And if you see Shrimp and Grits on a ANY menu YOU MUST ORDER IT!

  10. Whitney

    Hi Katie! I mentioned this on Twitter, but I really hope you make it to Ecco in Midtown — my favorite, favorite restaurant in Atlanta. You MUST try the fried goat cheese (drizzled with honey and a little black pepper) and a Long Live the Queen (Gin-based, which isn’t usually my poison of choice, but this drink is wonderful). (And if you ever make it back in the winter, the Brussels sprouts are super scrumptious.) I also highly recommend the Botanical Garden, which is right next to (and shares parking with) Piedmont Park. (Plenty of pugs in the park!) The flowers and landscapes are breathtaking this time of year.

    As everyone above has noted, Vi-Hi has great shops, bars and restaurants and never disappoints. Maybe even cuter, though, is Inman Park, a smaller neighborhood just a couple miles south of the Highlands (close to Little Five Points). If you make to Inman, visit Parish either for brunch (on the weekends, upstairs in the dining room) or lunch (during the week, downstairs in the back).

    If beer is your thing, Sweetwater Brewery (South Buckhead-ish) is open on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings, and Brickstore Pub (Decatur) is legendary for its vast selection, including a Belgian bar upstairs.

    And if you get the chance, go see the Braves play at the Ted. Always a good (and usually, cheap) time.

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