Made Me Smile

This has been an absolutely crazy week so I thought I’d just post a roundup of things I stumbled upon that made me smile. 1) This awesome book cover 2) This print of Paris 3) These dainty earrings 4) This vintage linen lavender bag 5) This resin bangle 6) This ceramic polka dot cup 7) This original press photo of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor which I recently snatched up on eBay. Pugs!

Bon weekend loves and thank you SO much for your tips on Atlanta. I can’t wait!

15 comments on “Made Me Smile

  1. Patrice

    At first, I thought that J. Crew bangle was a ring, and now I can’t decide if I like it better actually as a ring or a bangle. Either way, super chic.

  2. Avery @ Ornamental Habit

    Hehe that book is so cute, I love the cover design especially. The JCrew bracelet is DIVINE! So excited to hear about you trip to Atlanta! I went to the University of Georgia so spent lots of time in ATL. I took a look at the comments on that post, and it looks like all the spots were mentioned, so ditto to them. Can’t wait to see pics!

    Love the blog, keep it up!

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