Scalloped Happiness

I’ve been meaning to share with you these snapshots of my new personal stationery compliments of Sugar Paper in Los Angeles! After featuring their lovely designs in Matchbook I just knew I had to have some for my own and contacted the darling Chelsea for assistance. I wrestled with the colors and design (so many choices!), but am over the moon with the results! I love that the navy type is simple and classic, while the scalloped edge adds a dash of feminine flair. The envelopes are white with navy lining, a crisp navy border on the flap, and my address in navy letterpress. Having my address despite the fact we rent feels fabulously indulgent and so grown up! ;) Thank you a million times over to the sweet girls of Sugar Paper — I’ll be ordering these for many years to come!

35 comments on “Scalloped Happiness

  1. kater

    Oh my word, that is some completely gorgeous paper! I think I might need some in my life! It really suits you too, I think!

  2. Melissa Jade

    I’d LOVE to see a snapshot of the envelopes too =/ Sound too fabulous to miss!

  3. Elisa

    Love them! I absolutely agree, the simple type and the scalloped edges make them feminine without being over the top. And you can never go wrong with navy and white!

  4. Novia

    I went in there the other day on a whim, and they are by FAR the BEST place for gorgeous stationery I’ve ever seen–but I’m a pushover for letterpress. It’s too bad that their website doesn’t showcase all the amazing designs they have, but it’s truly remarkable!

  5. Kelly

    I just saw the new issue; I LOVE the Istanbul article. I was just there for work for a few days. What an amazing, beautiful city!!!!

  6. Sarah

    I absolutely love stationary and writing sweet little notes! I will definitely have to check this site out next time I run out!

  7. Patrice

    This stationary fits your personality so well – classy and chic. Who’s going to be the lucky recipient of your first note?

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